Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 7.36.54 AM

Tiger Direct has the Samsung 840 Series 250GB Solid State Drive 2.5″ for only $140. Adding a SSD to your current computer setup is one of the best ways to drastically increase its performance.

AnadTech says “the 840 exceeded all our expectations. It’s faster, overall, than most of the previous generation MLC NAND based SSDs we have tested, which says a lot about Samsung’s skill with it comes to designing a controller and firmware.”

Be sure to apply coupon code “SUN85366″ to cash in on these savings.

  • 250GB storage capacity; secures large amounts of files and other data
  • Up to 250 MB/s and up to 540 MB/sec read and write speed; ensures fast and smooth data transmissions
  • 2.5″ form factor; for easy installation

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 7.37.15 AM

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