Amazon offers the Anker 24-watt Dual USB Car Charger (model AK-71AN2452C-WA) for $11.99 with free shipping via Prime or after spending $35 total ($7 otherwise). Coupon code NSILSWN8 drops it to $8.99.

This 2.4W per USB port charger allows you to charge almost all USB devices, including all iPads at their quickest rate available. Amazon reviewers gave it a coveted 4.5 star rating.

 Need some extra power when out and about? Check out this RAVPower 2600mAh Flashlight for $12.99 with free shipping via Prime or after spending $35 total ($7 otherwise) Code DXGSMEA9 drops it down to $7.99. (Update: SOLD OUT)

This also gets great 4+ star reviews and can more than double the battery life of an iPhone or iPod.

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One Response to “Anker Dual-USB 24W car charger: $9 (quick charge 2 iPads at once)”

  1. Usman Haque says:

    Code DXGSMEA9 does not work for the lipstick charger