New Product November 26

New Product November 23

Mohu – makers of consumer-favorite over-the-air antennas – has entered the “world of high-end” audio. Yes, you read that right. Mohu has released the BeBox, a $499 portable sound system with a built-in Android tablet.

Leaning heavily on its experience with Android’s operating system learned from Mohu Channels, the antenna-gone-speaker manufacturer feels that it can compete in this space. expand full story

New Product November 20

Leica is one of those iconic brands that serves as a symbol nearly as much as it executes its function. The German optics and camera manufacturer has been cranking out stunning designs for nearly 170 years. From a sexy set of binoculars to limited edition cameras, Leica continues to impress with old-school styling and top-of-the-line technology.

However, one wouldn’t call Leica an affordable brand by any stretch of the imagination. So when it announced its lowest-priced M Series camera, our ears perked up.

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New Product November 19

Well, it was bound to happen. Finally every smart home New Toy of the Day has converged into one product. D-Link’s new Komfy Smart Home Device is a combination surveillance camera, light switch, temperature and air quality monitor that pushes out all the usual notifications if something goes awry.

So why is this notable? Honestly, there is some merit to having one product that does it all, as opposed to the mismatch of different brands and mediums for keeping your whole home connected. More details below.

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New Product November 18

Apple TV, Roku players, Fire TV sticks and a handful of other streaming devices are invading our homes. Despite the different ecosystems, most of these set-top add-ons carry out the same task and are limited to a handful of streaming services. While TiVo has made some strides in bridging the gap between online and traditional content, it still isn’t perfect.

Instead of introducing another streaming aggregate, a startup by the name of GENII has developed a new media player, called CAST, that collects feeds from all your sources and combines them in one location. The kicker? You can stream those sources to other rooms in your house or to your friend’s living room as long as they also have a CAST. Sounds too good to be true, right?

GENII says its perfectly legal.

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New Product November 17

We get it. Drink more water. Turns out, it’s still pretty hard to do. A new product from Mark One has its eyes set on increasing your daily water intake. The $99 Pryme Vessyl tracks your drinking habits and reminds you throughout the day to increase your intake until you’ve reached your designated goal for the day.

It’s not as simple as that, Mark One has developed a proprietary algorithm that figures out how much water is needed to help you perform at your peak. The Pryme Vessyl already has one believer: Apple. More details below.

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New Product November 16

New Product November 13

It seems like everyone has a wearable these days. Apple Watch is a favorite amongst fanboys and Fitbit appears set for a huge holiday season, with Black Friday deals throughout many of our ad leaks. But what about those that would prefer a more classic look as opposed to the techie flavorings that are so popular right now?

What Watch out of Switzerland has an answer to that question. Its Bluetooth-connected watches are coming to the United States and are worth a look. With classic and modern stylings, plus iPhone/Android connectivity, these new timepieces are set to make a splash.

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Update (11/17 2:15pm): Amazon now has the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Wii U remaster/amiibo bundle in stock for pre-order.

During its Direct event yesterday, Nintendo made a few new announcements with regards to Zelda and Mega Man. Both franchises will be seeing new amiibo along with titles set to release next year. Head below to find out more about the latest Zelda HD remake, the new golden Mega Man and where to pre-order: expand full story


New Product November 12

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity on DSLR cameras is not a new phenomenon. There are plenty of cameras on the market that currently offer this feature set to consumers. But there are some disadvantages to using Wi-Fi directly with a camera: it can drain your phone and DSLR battery quickly, requires your device to be locked into your camera’s network, and can be limited to a short distance depending on the setting.

Alpine Labs has a plan to improve on that. Its new Pulse remote plugs into the USB port on a number of Canon and Nikon cameras and attaches to the hotshoe mount to add iPhone-connected controls to your DSLR. It has a simplistic interface and design plus it’s low energy connectivity make it particularly noteworthy.

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New Product November 11

Just a few weeks after launching a new slim iPhone 6/s battery case and power bank, Mophie is back again today with five new external batteries. We’ve seen a lot of power banks in our day – and regularly have deals too – but the new Mophie powerstations use an aluminum shell that, from pictures alone, standout from the pack.

Head below for more details.

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Just when we thought the Roku line-up was set for Black Friday, the streaming media giant has unveiled a new “special edition” model. While the most recent addition added 4K streaming capabilities, this fresh release is focused on one standout feature: price. How cheap? Move over Fire TV, Chromecast and even Roku’s own streaming stick, this thing has you all beat.

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New Product November 10

Good news for prosumer videographers: 4K-capable equipment continues to drop in price. After DJI first made a splash with its new stable camera last month, American-based drone manufacturer Yuneec has introduced its own 4K option. Even better news? Its price tag comes in at just over 15% less than its competitor. Head below for more details on the new Tycoon ActionCam from Yuneec. expand full story


New Product November 9

Sometimes getting a quality internet connection to your home theater or gaming console can be a frustrating proposition. If you live in an older home, you likely have two things going against you from the outset: no ethernet jacks built-in and materials in your walls that can cause interference. The reality is that even the strongest consumer routers won’t do the job alone.

This issue can be solved one of two ways, with either a powerline adapter or a Wi-Fi range extender. TP-Link is adding to the mix of available extenders today with two new high-powered products that are capable of speeds in excess of 1,750Mbps.

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Until now, gamers would had to wait for the Battlefront Limited Edition PlayStation 4 bundle to release to get their hands on the Darth Vader DualShock 4 controller. Fortunately, Sony has announced the controller will soon be available to purchase on its own: expand full story

New Product November 6

If I could buy a router and modem that I never had to touch again, I’d pay…and pay well. Seems like I have to reset or manage a setting with a much greater frequency than I’d prefer. Of course, I’m loading it down like a pickup truck with about 19 devices. No matter, a better solution has to be out there.

Luma is hoping to sooth my ailment. With its “surround” multi-router approach, its goal is to provide greater coverage and simplified settings. Kind of like having a couple Google OnHubs around your home.

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New Product November 5

iPad cases are a dime a dozen at this point, it seems. It’s hard to stand out in a sea of folios, keyboards and smart covers. But Don’t Panic’s iPad cases have managed to do just that, a few times over. After successfully rolling through a couple of Kickstarter campaigns, the guys behind this intriguing case are back with the third generation. Their campaign video is pretty clever, check it out below.

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New Product November 4

The Room franchise is one of the most popular puzzle mystery games on mobile, with the first two games in the series garnering a 5 star rating from nearly a half a million reviews across the App Store and Google Play. Today, developer Fireproof Games took to its Twitter account to announce the release of The Room Three.

Unfortunately, the game is only available to iOS users as of right now. Fireproof Games has no specific dates for Android, but says it is currently working hard on it.

Head below for the release trailer and to find out more about the latest entry in the BAFTA and Apple Game of the Year award winning series: expand full story

After centuries and what seems like a significant amount of innovation, people are still farming with similar tools from 100 years ago. Gas and diesel driven equipment have become smarter and more intuitive with features like auto-drive or built-in touchscreen interfaces. At the end of the day, a farmer is still required to sit in the cab and plow along rows after rows.

Bosch wants to flip farming upside down with its new Deepfield Robotics branch of its company. The star of the show is Bosch’s BoniRob “adaptable multi-purpose robotic platform”. Honestly, it looks like something out of Star Wars. But it promises to simplify a number of farming tasks in an efficient manner.

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New Product November 3

We’ve covered our fair share of electric bikes and transportation here at 9to5Toys. And you can find even more at our sister-site Electrek. Although interest is rapidly increasing here in the United States, the idea of going purely electric in any area of our lives still seems largely intimidating for some.

Thankfully, new projects are popping up each day that make that transition friendlier than ever before. The latest of which comes from Germany’s Mellow Boards. This customizable electric skateboard system can be added to an existing deck or purchased as a pre-assembled longboard. With its arguably affordable price point and modern design, Mellow Boards is set to take off.

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New Product November 2

I’m not musically inclined. Nor do I pretend to be. Give me a Rock Band Drum Kit and I’ll get after it, but otherwise, instruments are completely intimidating. Like many of you out there, I enjoy tapping my pencil along to the beat or playing the bongos on my desk to my favorite song. If only there was a way to translate that into real music…

That’s where Mogees comes in. A simple iPhone add-on that detects vibration and translates it into music. So your desk full of accessories instantly becomes a drum kit. Or a kitchen sink is suddenly transformed into a synthesizer. The opportunities are endless…

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New Product October 30

The discrepancy between first and third-world energy supplies is incredible. Nearly 20% of the world’s population lives without access to common amenities that many of us take for granted. Panasonic has set out with a new line of solar storage products, under its eneloop collection, that aims to provide lasting energy from the sun.

While it will fill an obvious need in electricity-poor countries, it also might not be a bad idea for your own shed or garage. Solar powered batteries have come a long way in recent years and Panasonic plans on leveraging that technology around the world.

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New Product October 29

It’s not healthy to look at your iPhone before bed. I know, we all do it. The white light of your device actually sends signals to your brain to produce energy, which isn’t ideal before you start counting sheep. That tricky thing called melatonin is actually pretty important. What if a lightbulb could actually help manage all that?

That’s where GE comes in with its new line of smart LED lightbulbs, simply called ‘C’. These two lights offer different variable settings that adjust throughout the day to improve your circadian rhythm. Think Hue meets Advil PM…or something like that.

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