Jabra jumps into the fitness tracking world with new heart rate monitoring headphones


With wearable technology all the rage, companies are looking for new ways to bridge the gap between electronics and vital monitoring. Jabra has entered into this space with the Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds. While other companies like Nike and Fitbit have already released similar products, Jabra is combining headphones and a heart rate monitor, with hopes of providing a wireless solution for those who want their tunes and vital signs at the same time…
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New apps & updates: Tiny Tower Vegas & Wipeout 2

Update: The popular iOS note taking app Notability has now released on Mac for $9.99Full details here.

We’ve spotted a couple nice new additions to the App Store and Google Play today including the newest Tiny Tower game and the Wipeout sequel. Both Tiny Tower Vegas and Wipeout 2 bring new additions to the formula and mark new iterations on very popular mobile games. Adding both of the original titles together, these apps have received 4.5 star ratings from nearly half a million users. Head below for more details and some preview footage:  Read more

LG’s new CordZero vacuum has stalking skills that’ll help keep your place clean


Today, LG announced their latest iteration in making home cleaning a more enjoyable experience with the CordZero series of vacuum cleaners. As its name suggests, LG’s newest model removes the hardwired power cord from the vacuum, making mobility the top priority. While Dyson has long offered rechargeable lithium powered vacuums, the LG CordZero beats them in one key area… Read more

LaCie is now shipping the fastest, highest-capacity Thunderbolt 2 storage solution

LaCie 8big Rack Thunderbolt™ 2LaCie has started shipping the 8big Rack (originally announced back in April) that features Thunderbolt 2 speeds and capacities of up to 48TB in a 1U rackmount size. That’s twice the density of the typical rack storage and you can daisy chain as many as 36 LaCie 8big Racks to a single Mac Pro. It’s also dramatically easier to set up than Fibre Channel DAS solutions, while featuring hardware RAID 5/6 and fully redundant disks, fans, and PSU.

The 8big Rack is also designed with 4K video workflows in mind. It makes it easier for videographers to work directly from RAW files while seeing edits in real time.

Originally announced at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters Convention, the LaCie 8big Rack 48 TB ($4,999.99) is available now through LaCie and its resellers. The product is also available in four–disk 12 TB ($1,699.99) or eight–disk 24 TB (2,799.99) configurations. Thunderbolt 2 is compatible with the same cables and connectors as first–generation Thunderbolt.

Video pros, meet the king of storage for 4K workflows:

Full Press Release follows:

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Mo-Fi: Powered Hi-Fi Headphones with Built-in Amp by Blue

Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered High-Fidelity Headphones with Integrated Audiophile AmplifierBlue, the makers of the Yeti USB Microphone, have just introduced Mo-Fi: the first headphone that delivers real audiophile performance and sound quality from a variety of devices.

Mo-Fi is no ordinary headphone. From the multi-jointed design to earcups shaped—gasp—like ears, we completely reimagined the form and functionality, without any preconceived notions about what headphones are “supposed” to look like. The result feels less like a headphone, and more like a high-quality instrument you can wear. Some call it radical. We just call it Mo-Fi.

The Mo-Fi has an integrated audiophile amp and custom-matched drivers that deliver unrivaled sound. They might look different, but they feature a revolutionary personalized fit for superior comfort and performance. These are powered headphones, meaning they feature a built-in amp that allows for a much stronger and louder signal no matter what the audio source. They also come with a 1 meter cable with an attached MFi mic, a 3 meter cable and a 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.

I’m big on aesthetics, design, style, quality, and substance, and you immediately have the sense that a lot of attention was paid to these headphones. They are awesome.”

- JASON BENTLEY Music Director, KCRW

“America’s most influential radio DJ” – Billboard Magazine

You can find the Mo-Fi on Amazon for $350. Here is a full list of features:

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LG announces availability details for “the world’s first OLED TV with 4K resolution”


This morning LG announced details on the sale of the “the world’s first OLED TV with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution.” Initially coming in 65 and 77-inch variants, the curved displays will mark the first time Ultra HD OLED TVs will be regularly available at retail.

The new premium displays feature LG’s proprietary Four-Color Pixel WRGB technology, 33 million sub-pixels, and self-lighting pixels that “guarantee deeper blacks.” Both the 65EC9700 and 77EG9700 models can be wall mounted and feature a similar frame and stand aesthetic as LG’s already available 1080p curved OLED TV.

The built-in ULTRA SURROUND sound audio system was designed in conjunction with the knowledgeable folks at Harman Kardon to create a “rich, detailed environment that heightens the viewer’s sense of immersion.” At 3840 pixels wide, these displays are just shy of standard 4K resolution.

Head below for a quick look at the Ultra HD OLEDs as well as pricing and availability details:

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TiVo targets cord cutters with new Roamio OTA DVR


Today, TiVo announced a new addition to it’s already robust line of DVRs with the Roamio OTA at a price of $49.99, making it the most affordable TiVo option yet. Designed specifically for cord-cutters, this rendition of the Roamio utilizes your own antenna. Unlike other models from the current generation of TiVo DVRs, the OTA is not capable of recording cable television, making it strictly for antenna use only.

Similar to the other models of the Roamio that have come before, the OTA features a 500GB hard drive capable of recording 75 hours of HD programming or 500 hours of SD. This model also allows for up to four shows to be recorded at once, and includes the same popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. But there is a catch…. Read more

Strap a GoPro to your pooch w/ the camera maker’s first pet accessory, plus Incase now protects action cameras

The beauty of the GoPro HERO action cameras has always been that they can capture amazing footage in nearly any setting. Adding chest, helmet, car, and other mounts makes them even more versatile.

Today, GoPro is launching the Fetch mount, which is the first official GoPro pet accessory, even though many third party companies have been offering similar products for some time. Read more

Satechi’s latest wireless keyboard can sync with up to five Bluetooth devices at once


Satechi has released a pair of new wireless keyboards with support for up to five different Bluetooth devices. This California-based company went along with traditional stereotypes and made the Mac/iOS version silver with white keys and the PC/Android version black with black keys.

Either keyboard can technically be used with any device that supports Bluetooth keyboards, but you’ll want to pair them up with the types of devices they were intended for to take advantage of the OS-specific keys. For example, the Mac/iOS version features lock button, home button, and spotlight search keys for iDevices.


At just 0.7-inches thick, it is pretty much the same size as the standard Apple keyboard. But the Satechi’s killer feature is the ability to be synced with up to five unique Bluetooth accessories at any given time. That means you can seamlessly go from typing on your Mac to your iPad, to your iPhone, to your Apple TV, to your — never mind, I’m sure you get the idea. I have the Logitech K811 backlit keyboard and although it only syncs with three devices, I find this feature absolutely invaluable after using it for a few short months.

Unfortunately, just like the Apple keyboard, you’ll have to supply two (AAA) batteries to power it. We recommend picking up a pack of eneloop or AmazonBasics rechargeable batteries to save yourself a few bucks and headaches down the road.

The Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keyboard is now available for $54.99 at Amazon.

Full press release follows:

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Reversible USB Lightning cable available for purchase ahead of its potential launch alongside iPhone 6

reversible-iphone-lightning-usb-cable-buyApple might be readying a new Lightning cable to ship alongside iPhone 6. Even if that doesn’t come to fruition, you can still pick one up right now and solve one of life’s greatest first world problems.

Truffol, an online gadget accessories seller, is now listing a reversible USB Lightning cable for $9.99. It’s 3.3ft long (same as the standard Apple cable), but more importantly, you can insert the USB end with either side facing up (just like the Lightning end):

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is now available for $179, includes 10% discount and $200+ worth of free content


Barnes & Noble is leaping back into the e-reader scene with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and it may be perfect for frequent readers who also appreciate a good deal. The freebie parade starts with a solid $20 instant rebate (10% savings), and continues with over $200 worth of content plus a $5 starter credit. Read more