Bloxels lets anyone design video games with no programming knowledge needed

Who hasn’t been playing a video game and thought, “this is great, but I could’ve made it better.” Well now you can make it better with Bloxels. Just build the level you want using the color coded blocks in the real world, take a picture with your smartphone or tablet then customize the look on screen in the Bloxels app.

Check out the video below of Jack, age 9, building his own level and uploading it with his iPad. Read more

Retro Freak plays original game cartridges from 11 throwback consoles including SNES, Sega, Game Boy


Remember all those old console and handheld games that are still in your mom’s attic? The ones you couldn’t stand to throw out, in hopes that one day an answer to your nostalgic gaming needs would bring these titles back like a Phoenix from the ashes. Today, is your lucky day…at least in Japan.

A new console from an Asian company called Cyber Gadget aims to bring back all of your favorite games from a variety of formats. All told, over 11 different gaming platforms will be supported and the list includes all the favorites… Read more

Hitachi’s new wireless speakers bests SONOS on price and overall features


After years of dominating the whole home audio space, SONOS is finding more and more competition every month it seems. Electronics maker Hitachi has announced that it is launching a new trio of wireless speakers that crowds the product category even further. It has included many features that SONOS lacks and is attempting to undercut them significantly on price… Read more

Arduboy is a fully programmable, classic gaming console the size of a credit card


Arduboy is a credit-card sized gaming system equipped with an arcade of free 8-bit titles and all the usual controls you would expect from a portable console. While there are a number of free titles available from the Arduboy Arcade, the system is built-on Arduino software making it easy to build your own games (or learn how to) and share them with the community.

Head below for availability information and more details on this miniature, throw-back gaming console: Read more

LINKA will keep your bike secure and automatically unlock it when you walk up with your iPhone


Bike theft has long been an issue for riders of all ages. No matter the value of your bicycle, it has always been seen as an easy target for someone looking for a new ride or to make a few quick bucks. There is a new Kickstarter campaign that combines the convenience of a smartphone connected device with the security of re-inforced steel. Meet LINKA, the “world’s first” auto-unlocking smart bike lock… Read more

A one man Swedish design studio made a retro style arcade cabinet that looks like it belongs in an art museum

In my house video games are required, per my fiancé’s request (obviously), to be in the basement and out of sight. I’m sure my love for Mortal Kombat’s skull shattering gore doesn’t help my cause, but it’s more than that. She also hates the ugly boxes and nests of wires that come along with gaming consoles.

Now, if I had the Love Hultén PIXELKABINETT 42 I have a feeling things would be pretty different. This full-size coin-operated arcade cabinet looks like a priceless piece of fine art and supports hundreds of classic games… Read more

BrakePack smart backpack keeps bicyclists safe on the road


More and more people are commuting to work each and every day, and with that comes increased risk for injury from cars and obstacles. It’s no surprise that bikers are coming up with more innovative ways to protect themselves. Enter BrakePack – a simple backpack that has built-in braking and turn signals to help keep you safe along the way. Read more

The Nuimo Smart Home Interface aims to take control of your SONOS, lighting and other IoT devices


With so many Internet of Things (IoT) devices dominating our homes, the ability to control them all continues to be a journey of trial and error. We continue to hear that Apple’s HomeKit is coming down the pipeline but its ultimate usefulness has yet to be seen. In the meantime, there is a Kickstarter project called Nuimo that plans on bringing all of the controls for SONOS, Philips Hue and others typically found in your iPhone to a physical knob and display. It has already blown past its goal in just a few days… Read more

LifeProof’s FRĒ Power adds a battery pack to its best-selling waterproof iPhone 6 case


With the constant need to remain innovative and cutting edge, the iPhone accessory indunstry continues to blossom with new options for consumers looking to protect their devices. Today, LifeProof has announced the addition of a battery pack to one of its most popular cases. The FRĒ Power comes shortly after its competitor Mophie detailed it’s own new waterproof optionRead more

Just throw the Lily Camera drone in the air and it will automatically record your movements in 1080p


We live in a world where drones are constantly evolving, becoming more consumer friendly and dropping in price. There are many reasons to be excited about these in-air camera-wielding devices. But today, we are seeing one of the coolest new products that might potentially change the game for consumers looking to get into aerial photography.

The new Lily Camera has a number of features that make it stand out from other offerings that we have seen. Unlike its competitors, this drone appears to being nearly foolproof when it comes to flying. To get started, all you have to do is throw it straight in the air… Read more

Ubisoft has now officially unveiled the brand new Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin's Creed-Syndicate-new-02

It’s that time of year again. Ubisoft has now officially unveiled this year’s main entry into the Assassin’s Creed franchise with a trio of new videos. As we previously knew from early leaks, the new Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will take place in Victorian era London.

Down below you can see the new debut trailer, a brief gameplay video with developer commentary and details regarding this year’s duo of main characters, new traversal mechanics and more: Read more