Today’s magazine sub deal brings GQ and Esquire bundled together for just $10 with free delivery using code “9TO5TOYS“. Today’s deal matches the lowest we see on these mags, again, outside deals that require up to 3 and 4 mags with multiple year subscriptions. Added together individually, today’s deal is $80 off the newsstand listing and $18 off the already discounted price on both mags. This same bundle goes for around $20 on sale. There’s also a Weight Watchers sub ($5) and a Yoga Journal + Allure magazine bundle ($10) available today as well (both using code 9TO5TOYS).

One again, you get free delivery, no sales tax and the subs are never auto renewed on you.

GQ & Esquire Bundle 1-year sub: $10 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $90 newsstand price) – Up to 2 years

More details on each mag below:

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