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Popular smartphone and tablet accessory maker ZAGG is launching a massive site-wide sale to celebrate its new site design and Memorial Day. For today and tomorrow (May 26 – 27), it is offering up to 50% off site-wide on everything from tablet folios, iPhone & Galaxy cases, mobile device battery chargers, and invisibleSHIELD screen protectors.

ZAGG is offering its popular iPhone 5/5s/5c invisibleSHIELD screen protectors starting at $7.49 for the Original (Reg. $15, $10 on Amazon), $10 for Hi Def (Reg. $20, $13+ on Amazon), $10 for Smudge proof (Reg. $20, $12 on Amazon), $15 for Extreme (Reg. $30, $25 on Amazon), and $17.50 for the Glass type which comes with a lifetime guarantee. (Reg. $35). All of ZAGG’s InvisibleShield products come with “Lifetime Replacement Warranty: If the InvisibleShield is ever damaged, ZAGG will replace it.” You can find additional information on the difference between each shield type here (then scroll down for comparisons).

You’ll find more discounted categories below, but from the looks of it, the sale covers just about every item Zagg sells online:

  • iPad Keyboards will be 20% – 50% Off
  • Android Tablet Keyboards will be 20% Off
  • invisibleSHIELD Screen Protectors for over 6500 Mobile Devices will be 50% Off
  • Rugged iPhone 5/5s/5c & Galaxy S5 cases 50% OFF
  • Portable Backup Mobile Device Battery chargers will be 50% Off
  • Headphones, BT speakers, and other accessories up to 50% Off

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