In today’s best mag deals we have a one year to sub to a Wired and Popular Science bundle for $9 with free delivery and digital access on Wired using code 38000. This is the lowest price we see outside of multi-year/multi mag deals for Wired, and $1 cheaper than our usual exclusive individual pricing.

We also have a one year sub to ESPN for just $5 with digital access and free delivery to your front door using code 38000 in the cart. You’re saving as much as $99 off the regular newsstand price, about $30 under buying the mag directly from ESPN and $21 off the next best price available. If you’re interested in a 2 year subscription, you can knock an extra $0.50 off the total price bringing it down to $9.50.

ESPN’s digital access comes with ESPN Insider for free (up yo a $40/yr. value) which includes all the latest sports news and rumors as well as content from from Karablog, Draft Analyzer, and more.

More notable mag deals using code 38000:

  • The Economist 1-year sub: $51 (Reg. $179 newsstand, $127 sale) – 51 issues
  • Playboy 1-year: $7, 2-years: $12.50, 3-years: $17.99 (Reg. $68 newsstand, $30 sale)

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