LEGO’s new Fusion line expands upon the classic brick building platform, to bring your creations from the real world into a virtual one. With the use of specialized LEGO blocks and a Fusion capture plate, your mobile device’s camera can scan the various aspects of your creation in order to create a 3D model inside the accompanying app.

There are three sets available at this point, the Fusion Create and Race, Battle Towers and Town Master, each with their own LEGO world for you to bring your creations into. With the towns kit, for example, you can scan your various structures in and build your very own 3D LEGO town.

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The Fusion apps have various challenges, missions and other tasks to complete in between building new structures and vehicles as well. With the Create & Race set you can race your custom cars as well as perform stunts and enter demolition derbies, and the Battle Towers set is a tower defense game where you design fortresses to defend against incoming enemies.

Following the popularity of products like the Skylanders and Disney Infinity games, as well as the upcoming Amiibo line from Nintendo, LEGO seems like a perfect fit for this kind of hybrid gaming experience. It also comes at a much lower price point, each of the three sets (and the soon to be available Fusion Resort Designer kit) will only run you $34.99.

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