The motion controlled armband device known as Myo previously went up for pre-order via the Thalmic Labs online shop and will now soon be available via Amazon. Myo is a gesture controller designed to track hand motion, among other things, that supports a wide range of applications from gaming and typical UI navigation on your Mac, to remote control of devices like the Ollie and flying drones.

Head below for more details, availability information and to see this thing in action:

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The somewhat odd looking armband straps to the largest part of your forearm and consists of eight sensor modules that uses the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly beam data back to a companion app. Along with information such as hand movements (simple waving, making/rotating a fist, finger pinches, etc,), Myo also packs accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer tech to control a series of third party apps/devices over Bluetooth LE.


A range of app add-ons known as connectors available via the Myo Market make it easy to set up the armband for a wide range of uses. After selling more than 50,000 pre-order units, we have now had a chance to see the Myo in action on stage with Armin van Buuren (seen below), used to control smartphones and smart home devices in a variety of ways, and as an advanced presentation tool for medical surgeons. There is also support for many popular apps like iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, PowerPoint, Keynote, Safari and more.


Just like the preorder option currently available at, Myo is expected to hit Amazon this quarter in both black or white for $199.


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