Eero beams carefree WiFi to every corner of your home or office


There are a number of options available for WiFi at home from the wide selection of routers and the extenders/adapters that carry the signal throughout your home or office. For some, a single unit from D-Link, Belkin or ASUS will suffice in creating a strong enough home WiFi network, but for others that just doesn’t do the trick. So the folks over at Eero have created what it calls the “world’s first WiFi system” to offer reliable internet connection to every corner of your house…

It is basically your average router system, but with a few premium touches, and outside of Apple’s AirPort, it is arguably one of the nicest looking options out there. Use a single Eero as a typical home router or connect multiple units (up to 10) together to cover larger spaces.

On top of the company’s claims that with Eero users will never need to reset their home router again, the system talks with a companion smartphone app for multi-unit set-ups, network password creation and more. It also offers “one-tap guest access”:

Send guests your network’s login info straight from your phone via text message. No need to dig through that drawer in the kitchen. Better still, if your guests have the eero app, you can securely add them to your network with the touch of a button – they don’t even have to enter a password

Eero is available for preorder now with a temporary discount. A single Eero unit will run you $125 (Reg. $199), while a 3-pack goes for $299 (Reg. $499). While you can certainly slap together a router and a couple extenders for less, or even buy into Apple’s AirPort system for around the same price, some will likely appreciate the elegant, all-in-one nature of the Eero.

More details:


We re-imagined everything from the ground up and built eero to blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi.

We started by acknowledging that it’s just not possible to cover an entire home with a single router. It’s not how WiFi radio waves workthe farther they have to travel and the more obstructions they encounter, the less reliable your connection becomes. But putting a router in every room isn’t possible either; getting all the cryptic settings right takes a networking degree and a lot of luck.

eero solves this with a single piece of hardware that’s meant to be placed in multiple locations throughout your home. A set of three will cover the typical housebut you can add as many as you need.

Setup is super simple and takes under a minute. You plug the first into your existing cable or DSL modem. And the others just need to be plugged into power outlets around your home. All of your eeros automatically connect to each other to create an intelligent mesh network that blankets your entire home, whatever its shape or size. If you ever move, you can take your eero system with youand easily expand it to cover a larger home.

But we didn’t stop there. eero has features you’ve never before seen with WiFi:


It’s not just setup that’s super simple, managing your eero network is, too. For the first time, your home WiFi isn’t going to be a black box. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on: which devices are using your network, how much bandwidth those devices are using, and how your Internet service is performing.

And if there’s ever a problem with your eero system, it will fix itself, automatically rebooting when necessary. You won’t have to pull the plug and count to ten.

One-tap guest access

One-tap guest access allows you to easily and securely share your network with visitors. You can quickly send guests your network’s login info straight from your phone via text message. Better still, if your guests have the eero app, you can securely add them to your network with the touch of a buttonthey don’t even have to enter a password. No more fumbling around in the kitchen drawer for that crazy WiFi password.

Sleek design

We wanted to build a beautiful product for our homes, which requires a major focus on design. We worked with Fred Bould (designer of the Nest Thermostat) on eero’s sleek, white form, which goes with any home and doesn’t need to be hidden in the closet.

Advanced security

eero alerts you whenever a new device joins your network, so you can easily keep tabs on your network. The software also auto-updates, meaning your network will always have the latest and greatest security. You won’t hear about a vulnerability and have to rush to download a security patch. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Check out our website for other features.

We want your WiFi to work 100% of the time — but we also think that it’s time WiFi did more. This is just the beginning.

We’re excited to make eero available for pre-order. You can pre-order a single eero for $125, discounted from $199 regularly. A system or 3-pack is $299, discounted from $499. We’ll ship orders this summer and we’ll always be 100% transparent with our early-adoptersand keep you in the loop every step of the way.

WiFi just caught up.

eero wouldn’t be here today without all the help we’ve gotten from our family, friends, investors, and advisors. A big thank you to Rob Hayes and everyone else atFirst Round Capital for everything along the way. Our other investorssuch asStanford University / StartX, Menlo Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures (Jerry Yang),Homebrew Ventures (Hunter Walk and Satya Patel), Alexis Ohanian, Garry Tan, and Trae Vassallohad faith early and have been invaluable.

Jon Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm who developed the AirPort and iPod while at Apple, has lent his deep experience in building the best consumer electronics products. In addition to the industrial design of the eero device, Fred Bould and his team have influenced eero’s branding and communications.


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