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Designer Duncan Hellmers is making use of 1950’s cathode tubes to build his new retro USB desk clock. Much like the products found in our ongoing Small States feature, the Blub Uno is being created with a focus on blending old-school aesthetics and components with modern design.

Head below for more details and a closer look:

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Featuring a single glass enclosed Nixie tube atop a housing machined from solid aluminum, it displays orange glowing numbers one at a time. So, for example, a time of 12:30pm would be displayed in a series of single digits one after another: 1…, 2…, 3…, 0. Beyond its non-traditional read out and unique design, the included remote control offers a few more bells and whistles as well:

There are time, temperature, date and even alarm settings. You’ll also find a multi colored backlight, USB or wall plug outlet power and three display modes (direct, fade, crossfade) all available via the remote control.

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It has already more than doubled its Kickstarter goal, but it will be some time before Uno comes available so you’ll have to settle for these other Nixie clocks on Amazon (and even sweeter ones on Etsy) in the mean time. The Uno’s quad tube predecessor is unfortunately sold out on the official site right now as well.

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