MicroSD cards pack gigabytes of storage into a space about the size of your fingernail. That’s why it has become the go-to storage choice for most mobile devices. If your phone or computer doesn’t natively support microSD then you’ll need an adapter or USB reader.

ADATA’s microReader may be your new top choice when looking to access data on a microSD card, especially while on-the-go.

The microReader is a small (1.4 x 0.94 x 0.38″) microSD card reader that goes both ways — push the blue slider to the left to reveal a full-size USB 2.0 port and to the right for microUSB. ADATA was able to keep its physical footprint so small by tucking the microSD slot into the base of the standard USB connector. Having access to both connectors on the fly will make your life easier when trying to share and backup data in a crunch.

ADATA’s microReader will be available from Amazon and Newegg with prices ranging from $9.99 for just the reader to $34.99 for a reader bundled with a 64GB microSD card.

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