The arrival of Apple Watch on Friday comes with hope for less incessant glances at our iPhone and more focus on the task at hand. For those going sans Watch, there is another product on the market that aims to deliver information without draining your iPhone battery…


popSlate is an iPhone 6 case that puts an E Ink display on the back of your device, providing a second screen for displaying information or pictures. It doesn’t use the phone’s power as an energy source, instead relying on it’s own battery that is estimated to last for a week. popSlate connects to your device via Bluetooth and delivers information or displays custom images based on the setting selected in the iOS app.

Users will be able to display information cards for restaurants like Starbucks or boarding passes for flights without calling up the information on the iPhone screen. This will in theory extend battery life by depending more heavily on the E Ink display. Whether or not that is useful, the ability to display custom images on the outside of the case does make for a pretty cool conversation piece.

With a price tag of $129, popSlate is available for purchase today in black or white.



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