There is a wide selection of home window air conditioners available on the market, including some with smart functionality. Our experience indicates the Frigidaire options are among the best, and today they just got a whole lot better. The new Cool Connect Air Conditioner comes with everything you would expect from a typical home unit, but packs in a number of interesting features when it gets connected with the companion mobile apps:

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A first for the well known appliance maker, Frigidaire’s Cool Connect pushes out 8,000 BTUs to cool a 350 sq. ft. room quite “quickly”. It also provides light dehumidification: up to 1.7 pints per hour and carries a clean air ionizer to help remove pollens and other harmful stuff from your air space.

Just about anyone with a room air conditioner wants to be able to control their unit with a mobile app, so that is just what the company did. You can set the temperature, fan speed, get product alerts/notifications and generally take full control over the Cool Connect with your iOS or Android device. You’ll also find usage monitoring and the ability to create completely customizable schedules from anywhere so your home/office is always at the temperature you want it. Normally, some people are forced to leave the unit on all day while they are at work, for example, just in order to have the place cool when they get home. With these smart features we can save a lot of money on our electric bills, by only running the machine when it needs to be.

The new Frigidaire Cool Connect Air Conditioner is available nationwide at various retailers with a suggested retail price of $349. However, it is already the #1 best selling new release on Amazon in its category and is currently available for $299.99 shipped.

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