We’ve all been there: you throw that perfect shot and *bloop* the beer goes everywhere. A new Kickstarter campaign has your next beer pong game in its sights, well actually, your next game in September.

Slip Cup is a small insert that slides into party cups, providing a safety net to stop dirty ping pong balls from landing in or knocking over your beer.

slip-cup-beer-pong-kickstarterIt fits snug against the rim of 16 and 18 ounce cups, barely decreasing the opening for the ball to land below the rim. A pledge of $5 will deliver 20-inserts. Slip Cups creators also go in to detail about new cup layouts and game styles, but the point is: less spilled beer. Which is something we can all get behind. Interested in upping your game? Checkout Amazon’s ample supply of Beer Pong accessories.

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