Apple has now officially selected Time Surfer – Endless Arcade Magic as the new Free App of the Week. Regularly priced at $1 you can now download it to all your iOS devices for free. It has basically only gone free once a year since it released in 2013, so we reccomend grabbing it now of you’re interested.

Head below for more details on this time bending endless surfer:

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*** This is the official Android gameplay trailer, but still very much the same as iOS.

Time waits for no one except you: the Time Surfer. Surf across the galaxy & dive into the waves. Rewind time to fix your mistakes & outrun the end of the universe. Dream beyond the stars my intergalactic child.

An inevitable destructive force is after you… The end of the universe! Your only hope? You can cheat death by rewinding time!

Time Surfer is a new endless ‘surfer’ for your iPhone and iPad. Get ready for the most psychedelic adrenaline-pumping surf of the year!

App Store Free App of the Week: Time Surfer – Endless Arcade Magic ($1 value)

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