Giotto’s $10 Rocket Air Blaster is the best way to keep your Mac, iPhone & Camera/Lenses clean for the money

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When looking for ways to keep my desktop gear dust-free and just something simple to keep my Macs clean, I came across these handy little air blasters. Certainly nothing mind blowing, but I thought I would give them a try and see how things pan out. Just about all of them come in under $20, so no harm in giving it a shot. After some experimentation and a few months of use, I have come across what might be the simplest must-have for any desktop battle station.

The old microfiber cloth or compressed air solutions are always an option, but in many cases you are left with smudges and even unwanted liquids. I for one am not willing to spend the money on a constant stream of compressed air cans, never mind take the chance of damaging expensive gear/computers with them. So it was either one of those fluffy hand duster-things, or just get to blasting some air around here.

When looking at which air-blasting cleaning device/cat toy to actually stick with, Giotto’s Rocket Blaster seems to stand out from the pack. While it isn’t the most inexpensive model out there, at around $10 (with potential free Prime shipping), it certainly isn’t going to break the bank either. As the name implies, the rubber exterior is shaped like a rocket, enabling it to stand on end, and look pretty epic in the process. It is made of “nontoxic, natural and environmentally-friendly rubber” that is resistant to extreme temperatures and is tear-proof, according to Giotto. 

After several months of regular use, that appears to be the case. It functions just the way it should and is definitely one of the more robust feeling choices I have experienced.

The fact that it stands up and actually works really isn’t the best reason to go for the slightly more expensive Giotto. There are several options for less that have similar qualities (and, as you can see above, look almost the same). However, the build quality appears to be that next step-up with the Rocket Blaster. Almost to the point where you feel like you’ve got the brand name option for a few dollars more in one hand, and a lower quality copy that may or may not last the winter in the other. Regardless, these things are so inexpensive, it’s worth a try. Personally I would rather drop the extra few dollars for something that feels well-made.

I mean, these manual air-blasters aren’t going to change your life. But if you’re like me, and don’t want to see dust building up all week until you get around to doing the full cleaning job, they can be very convenient for stopping that before it happens. Plus it’s only a fraction of the price of an electric cleaner.

I have a host of music equipment, keyboards, guitars and more, and this thing has been a lifesaver. It is also very handy for keeping tabs on the dust build-up on your MacBook, that gorgeous 5K iMac adorning your desktop set-up and even items that require a delicate touch (or none at all) like your Mac Pro or expensive speakers. While I’m not much of a camera aficionado, it seems to me that the Rocket Blaster would be a nice accessory for expensive photography equipment and even lenses as well.

For $10 Prime shipped, it is certainly worth seeing if the cat likes it. And it works great for scaring away small children or your drunk uncle.

Giotto also has a smaller version as well as a red model, but at this point the larger black model is the best value.

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