Amazon is offering a pack of 18 Avery Glue Sticks for $5.81 with free shipping for Prime members or in orders over $49. That’s half the original price and around 15% below the average selling price. More than enough glue stick to get you and the kids through most of the school year, they are ideal for projects and will not harm precious materials like photos and other sensitive papers. They go on purple and dry invisible with no wrinkles. Rated 4+ stars from over 280 Amazon customers.

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More on the Avery Glue Stic:

Glue Stic is the easy-to-use, solid adhesive in a twist-up tube that leaves no visible trace when dry. Perfect for little hands, the nontoxic, fast-drying glue offers a neat, smooth application. It’s ideal for paper, cardboard, fabric and photos, so it’s great for arts and crafts. The glue easily washes out of clothing, and is acid-free and archival-safe to protect photos. Simply remove the cap and twist the base for easy application.

Glue Stic is great for more than just kids’ crafts. It’s a perfect replacement for pins to hold fabric, trim and zippers in place before sewing down, since it easily washes out of most fabric. Tired of licking envelopes? Grab your Glue Stic and just swipe and seal. Or if you like creating collages and decoupage crafts, the sturdy adhesive makes it ideal for gluing items in place.

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