(Update 7/28 2:35pm):

Nintendo has now unveiled the new 2DS XL handheld console. Just when you thought Switch was going to steal all of the spotlight, Nintendo is set to drop the latest generation 2DS this summer with just about all the bells and whistles the New 3DS XL received when it was launched…

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The Switch has been massively successful for Nintendo, due in large part to the incredible Breath of the Wild. But the ability to pick up and play a game of this magnitude on a plane, at the park or in the car is pretty amazing. Many have even suggested the little Switch tablet could kill off interest in Nintendo’s extremely popular 3DS handheld market now that it is putting primetime software on-the-go. However, one thing they might be forgetting is the absolutely incredible list of titles exclusive to Nintendo’s mobile consoles. It is arguably leaps and bounds above what you might find on the App Store at this point, for example.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL will feature displays 82% larger than the basic 2DS, which as the name implies, is the same as the New 3DS XL. In fact, the new handheld will feature everything that machine has including full NFC amiibo support, Z-buttons and the ever important C-stick. While it is still possible we will see another iteration in the 3DS lineup, it looks as though this machine is basically a New 3DS without the 3D capabilities, so chances are this is the final nail in the coffin.

As for software. 2DS XL will be able to play all of the new games that are exclusive to the New 3DS along with the entire library of standard 3DS titles already available. Nintendo’s latest handheld will release the same day as Hey! Pikmin, which was recently detailed in this month’s Nintendo Direct Event, along with Miitopia.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL releases June 28th in the US for $149.99. And it looks there are two colorways including Black/Blue and White/Gold. Although we only saw the black model in today’s trailer and it is unclear whether or not the white model will be making its way stateside. 

And for an extra $50, you can take a look (above) at the upcoming Dragon Quest Metallic Slime 2DS XL that was unveiled this morning. It is set for release on June 29th in Japan, but there is no word on a North American date just yet.

And here’s the brand new launch trailer:

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