Neuroon Open is the smart sleep system with iOS and IFTTT support

Smart devices we usually hear about tend to be enhanced versions of objects we already use on the daily. Such devices exist for the living room, kitchen, car, and more, but we haven’t seen too many smart things for bedtime.

Neuroon Open is an open-source, consumer wearable EEG (brain activity) mask that measures your sleep, supports smart meditation, and is said to provide lucid dreaming to the wearer. As sleep accounts for a third of our lives, it would be really nice to have something that could potentially make us much happier people.

This sleep enhancing headband gets you smart wake-ups and naps, the option to test your sleep, and it even has smart home integrations along with it. It works with the Neuroon app for iOS and Android that allows for configurations and personal options.

While sleeping, sensors in the Neuroon will gather data that will be analyzed by built-in AI algorithms. It measures brainwaves, heart rate, oxygen saturation, changes in skin temperature, and movement. The Neuroon app will display instant results and even provide you with smart tips to improve your sleep. When you wake up, you’ll see exactly when you fell asleep, when your heart rate was the fastest, and when it was the slowest.

A/B testing consists of two parts. It first helps you measure your subjective evaluation of sleep quality after various sleep patterns, it then will objectively check the condition of your brain.

Lucid dreaming is a metacognitive state within a dream, which may enable the dreamer to know that they are dreaming or even give them full intellectual ability and volitional control over the dream. To get this working in your dreams, Neuroon Open will use a combination of methods, including guided audio sessions and external stimuli that are said to help induce lucid dreams more reliably and easily.

It’s hard nowadays to take time to sit and meditate. This smart device will provide guided mindfulness meditation sessions through three components: audio playbacks, recording EEG readings, and biofeedback.

For easy and natural morning wake-up, Neuroon Open simulates the light of a slowly-breaking dawn. The sleep tracker eliminates morning grogginess by waking you at the optimal moment.

As for smart home integrations, Neuroon works with IFTTT, and that means you can set lights to turn on when you wake up, or maybe even change the temperature on your Nest thermostat.

Anyone can write new software and apply it to Neuroon. Links to electronic design files, Neuroon firmware, sleep-staging algorithms, and SDKs can be found on the Kickstarter page.

Neuroon Open is available for pre-order for $119 on Kickstarter with expected delivery in February 2018. In the box you will find a mask, band, smartpack, charging cord, and user guide.

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