The leaves are coming! Get a jump on fall with today’s Greenworks Gold Box featuring a number of pro-level 80V blowers and trimmers with high ratings and low prices. As a Greenworks 80V ecosystem owner, I’ve seen that these products are every bit as powerful as their gas counterparts.

The best deal of the bunch is the 16″ string trimmer with battery and charger for $118 shipped. That’s less than the sale price of the battery ($83) and charger ($44) by themselves and you get the highly rated trimmer as well.

Once you get the battery/charger, a leaf blower is a no brainer pickup for $60. Add some power and wear it on your back for $158 shipped.  And finally, don’t forget the $83 hedge trimmer.

Once you have a Greenworks 80V Battery ecosystem, there are a ton of professional yard tools you can interchange without having to buy new batteries.

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