When you’re trying to make your mark online, visual content can make all the difference. With PixTeller Pro, you don’t need to hire a designer. This online platform helps you create stunning designs with zero technical knowledge. You can get lifetime access now for $34.99 (Reg. $405) at 9to5Toys Specials.

Whether you need to design a logo for your website or create something shareable for Facebook, PixTeller has you covered. The platform helps you bring your ideas to life, with 74,000 pre-made templates, 1.5 million photos and 100,000 shapes to choose from.

The online studio is way easier to use than Photoshop, with simple tools that anyone can use. You simply drag and drop elements to the perfect spot, and use drop-down menus to choose the fonts and colors.

PixTeller also lets you upload your own content, and the clipping crop function ensures your designs will look good at any size. On the Pro plan, you can create unlimited designs on a full commercial and personal license.

Order now for $34.99 to get lifetime access to PixTeller Pro and start creating your own designs.