December 1st has finally arrived, which means for many that the winter holiday celebrations can truly begin. For us, it means that it’s finally time to dive into unpacking the LEGO 2019 Advent Calendar. This year, we’ll be taking a look at the Star Wars and City kits as we have in the past, but this year also brings a new set in the form of a Harry Potter calendar. With 24 different builds to assemble for each set, it’ll be exciting to see what’s included this time around. Head below to see what today’s builds have stacked up to.

LEGO 2019 Advent Calendars Day 6

Star Wars – Resistance Troop Transport

Six days in and we’re still on the Sequel Trilogy theming for the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. No complaints here though, as today’s model continues the existing roster of notable creations with a new miniature Resistance Troop Transport. Making its first LEGO appearance back alongside the first wave of The Force Awakens kits, this is still one of the first times we’ve seen the vehicle officially recreated out of bricks.

Comprised of 16 bricks, this model leverages some pretty interesting techniques to pull off the lesser-known starship’s design. It might not be as awesome as yesterday’s X-Wing, but this build still shines nonetheless.

Harry Potter – Professor McGonagall

After some less than stellar builds over the past five days, LEGO has finally assembling a noteworthy Professor McGonagall minifigure for day six. While this is the same version that was included with last year’s Hogwarts Great Hall kit, that doesn’t take away from the professor’s inclusion in the Advent Calendar. I’m sure a lot of Harry Potter fans didn’t end up adding that set to their collection, so this is a nice build for LEGO to dish out this year. 

City – Christmas Tree

While we’ve gotten quite a few festive trees from the Harry Potter kit, today’s City builds assembles this calendar’s first Christmas Tree. It’s a fairly basic 18-piece build, but does use a LEGO Sai weapon as the tree’s star, which is pretty ingenious.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see what each of the LEGO 2019 Advent Calendars have in store for us.

Day 5

Star Wars – Black One Resistance X-Wing

While yesterday might not have had the most exciting build, LEGO is certainly making up for it with today’s miniature creation. Enter Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, a 22-piece model that absolutely nails the source material in order to bring the Resistance starfighter into LEGO form in a new way.

We’ve seen the Black One X-Wing before in minifigure-scale, but this is one of the smallest incarnations the Sequel Trilogy ship has been assembled.

Harry Potter – Gryffindor House Banner

Today’s Harry Potter build continues the theming we’ve seen over the past two days of assembling decorations. But where this model differs is that it is actually related to the Wizarding World. This creation brings the Gryffindor House Banner into brick-built form and is comprised of eight different elements. The signature red and gold colors are on display and it fits with the Great Hall decorative aesthetic so far, so no complaints today!

City – Fire Wood with Axe

Lastly for day 5 of the calendars, we’re getting a fire wood chopping block with axe. This build is about as basic as they come, but that’s entirely fine. It may have less parts than yesterday’s model, but it’s still a nice little creation for adding to your festive City layout.

Day 4

Star Wars – Blaster Rifle Turret

Following the past three days of pretty noteworthy builds, we’ve hit our first lackluster creation in the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. It happens every year, and after all, not every miniature kit can be a home run. Today we’re getting a Blaster Rifle Turret, which brings the FWMB-10 repeating blaster into brick-built form. Despite it being a pretty basic model with only six elements, this is notable for one reason. The white blaster used here is one of the first times that this color variant has been included in a set. So while it might not be as eye-catching as Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, it definitely has some appeal, at least for collectors.

Harry Potter – Christmas Tree

Continuing yesterday’s holiday decor focus, we’re getting yet another Christmas tree build today. This 34-part build assembles a much larger piece of festive foliage, complete with a star on top. Much like the builds that preceded, there’s not much here that fits into the Harry Potter theming, though it’s a pretty solid build otherwise.

City – Snow Fort

Fittingly for the winter season, today’s City Calendar build assembles a minifigure-scale snow fort. There’s not too much about this 11-piece ensemble that’s worth writing home about. It does have some transparent light blue bricks which aren’t all too common. But otherwise, you’re looking at a pretty mediocre creation today.

Day 3:

Star Wars – First Order Stormtrooper

As the very first minifigure from the 2019 Star Wars Advent Calendar, we’re getting a now-classic First Order Stormtrooper. Any fan of LEGO’s most popular theme will surely have one or two of these in their collection already, but it’s still a great addition this time around. There’s the usual printing and nothing exclusive for the calendar, but it fits the Sequel Trilogy theming present thus far perfectly.

Harry Potter – Miniature Christmas Trees

Today’s build takes a step back from the Hogwarts-centric action we’ve seen so far in December for a more general holiday build. Here you’ll assemble two minute Christmas trees out of 18 total pieces. Each one stands about the same height as a minifigure, making them nice little decorations to fill your brick-built Harry Potter recreations with.

City – Curling Sweeper

Day three of the City calendar introduces the set’s very first minifigure, a Curling Sweeper. This character rocks a light blue ensemble comprised of a winter jacket and a hood element. Complemented by a broom, he certainly fits the winter season aesthetic. There’s nothing exclusive here on this release, but it’s still a nice inclusion nonetheless.

Day 2:

Star Wars – Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

For the second day of this year’s Advent Calendar, the Sequel Trilogy theming continues with yet another miniature creation. Following yesterday’s Star Destroyer build nicely, today we’re getting a second First Order vehicle. This time, the fearsome Kylo Ren’s personal transport.

This ten-piece creation really nails the look of the Sith Lord’s shuttle and even manages to pack in the folding wing functionality found on the minifigure-scale version.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Express

As yet another fitting way to begin the Harry Potter Advent Calendar journey, today LEGO is assembling a miniature recreation of the Hogwarts Express. This build is on the simpler side, despite encompassing 21 pieces. You can definitely tell that it’s supposed to be the famed Hogwarts Express, but if it were from the City calendar you’d really have no of telling the difference. Hopefully tomorrow brings something a little more distinct from the Wizarding World.

City – Snowball Catapult

Lastly for round two of this year’s LEGO Advent Calendars, the City set has a snowball catapult to build. This functioning creation stacks up to eight bricks and allows you to launch white LEGO pieces through the air. It actually works pretty well considering how few pieces are involved here, which is always noteworthy.

Day 1:

Star Wars – First Order Star Destroyer

Much of the Star Wars spotlight this year has been on the Sequel Trilogy, which makes it quite fitting that LEGO is kicking off the 2019 advent calendar with a miniature First Order Star Destroyer. The 14-piece build recreates the monolithic spacecraft about as well as you an at this scale, leveraging a two-tone color scheme to pull off the overall shape and design.

Harry Potter – Harry Potter Minifigure

The very first Harry Potter advent calendar starts things off this year with a minifigure of the titular character. Day one starts off extremely strong, bringing Harry Potter himself into the mix with his H sweater from the first movie. This is an exclusive figure with all-new printing on the torso. Harry even comes with a wand, too.

City – Snow Plow Tracker

On the City side of things, today’s creation assembles a minifigure-scale snow plow out of 16 bricks. Even though its on the more basic end of brick-built vehicles, this model interestingly uses four gear pieces in order to pull off the snow tire look. On the front, there’s a plow you can adjust the angle on and even a steering wheel for your seated figure to control.

Celebrate the Christmas countdown with the 75245 LEGO Star Wars 2019 Advent Calendar. Behind each door is a LEGO brick character, starship model, vehicle and other Star Wars collectibles, plus 2 exclusive, Christmas-themed Star Wars action figures. When all the doors have been opened, there’s even a foldout playmat with colorful Ahch-To Island scene for kids to explore imaginative play and act out epic Star Wars adventures. Holiday gifts for kids can’t get any better than this Star Wars Christmas building kit. It is a fun way to get fans of all ages excited about the holidays.

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