October 9

Apogee Jam+ is the latest USB interface from the world renown audio company. Designed as the company’s next generation mobile recording solution, it also provides professional quality inputs and outputs for your Mac/PC as well. The latest version comes with updated features and will be available starting today from the Apple Store and authorized Apogee dealers. expand full story

May 16, 2017

Apogee Control now comes free w/ Element 88 Thunderbolt interfaces

Apogee, one of the world’s leaders in digital audio with top tier analog to digital conversion. In other words, it doesn’t get much better than Apogee when it comes to audio interfaces for home recording and pros in the studio. The company is now running a notable promotion on its latest Thunderbolt interface known as Element 88. Anyone who purchases one from an authorized dealer from now through August 15th will receive an Apogee Control for free.

Apogee Element 88 certainly isn’t cheap at just under $1,500, but with the $200 Control thrown in Apogee is certainly adding some value to the proposition. In my hands-on review of the new interface and controller for our Logic Pros series, I found the system to be worth every penny, if you do indeed require this kind of setup. It is easily one of the best options under $2,000 in my opinion.

Element provides 8 channels of high quality conversion for all your mics, synths and instruments, along with intuitive companion software for Mac/iOS to keeps things organized. More details below.

December 6, 2017

Anyone who reads 9to5Toys on a regular basis is well aware of Apogee and its pedigree in the professional audio industry. Sennheiser is another one of those companies that has been creating high-quality and professional headphones, microphones and much more for many years. Well, the two brands are now coming together for the new Ambeo Smart Headset. Now available at Apple.com and in Apple Stores everywhere, the new smart headphones come with a number of interesting features as well as a solid listening experience for sans-headphone jack iPhone users. expand full story

September 27, 2016

Apogee introduces new Element Series Thunderbolt audio interfaces for Mac

I’ve been a longtime Apogee user and currently use the company’s excellent Quartet as my main audio interface for my Mac and home studio. Today Apogee introduces its latest line of audio interfaces, the Element Series, introducing Thunderbolt connectivity and a new design somewhere between its more expensive pro line and its popular prosumer products like the Quartet and Duet.

April 5, 2016

Apogee, one of the leading audio interface companies in the business, has just released its most affordable option for Mac yet. The new ONE for Mac is very much based on the company’s small-footprint ONE interfaces, but this time with a more focused approach just for Mac users. While you wont get the dual functionality of the previous generation iOS/Mac options, the new interface also won’t reach into your pocket quite as deep.

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January 4, 2016

Apogee Groove portable USB DAC/headphone amp for Mac & PC $240 shipped (Reg. $295)

Update (1/04 2:20pm): Adorama has the Denon DA-300USB High Resolution Audio DAC Headphone Amplifier for $219.99 shipped (Reg. $455+).

Adorama is offering the Apogee Electronics Groove portable USB DAC and headphone amp for $239.99 shipped. That’s $55 below the going rate from just about all major retailers including Amazon and B&H. While we have seen it discounted as part of larger (and more expensive) recording bundles, this is the lowest direct discount we have ever tracked since Apogee released the Groove DAC. While reviews are some what light here at 4.8/5 stars from only 30 Amazon customers, Apogee is widely considered to be a (if not, the) recording industry leader in analog-to-digital conversion and just about all of its gear has 4+ star ratings.

This mini portable (“Quad Sum”) headphone amp/DAC offers studio quality audio playback on-the-go and is great for driving high-end headphones. It features 24 bit/192kHz audio, USB 2.0 for direct connection with your Mac/PC, and a Made in the USA all-aluminum exterior. You’ll find even more details right here

January 12, 2016

Adorama has another solid home audio bundle today with the best selling Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones and Apogee’s Groove portable headphone amp/DAC for $329 shipped. Combining both items together, that’s $135 under the regular price and the best value we can find. Even at the lowest individual prices we have ever seen on these two items, you’re still saving more than $25: expand full story

November 14, 2017

Since the mid-80s, Apogee has been creating award-winning audio-to-digital converters and interfaces for some of the best recording studios on the planet. So when it decided to bring its expertise to the portable production world some years ago, it was an exciting proposition for producers everywhere. Back in 2011 it introduced us to the first of its all-in-one USB microphone/interface hybrids and has steadily made top ten lists ever since. The once current generation Apogee MiC 96k for iOS, Mac, and Windows devices has made our top picks lists for a while now, but it’s time for a new player to enter the fray.

Today, Apogee is announcing the brand new MiC+ for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC, along with the official price and release date… expand full story

July 21, 2015

Sennheiser HD650 over-ear headphones + Apogee Groove portable DAC/headphone amp $550 shipped ($755 value)

Update (7/24 11:40am): This deal is now dead at Amazon, but it is still live at Adorama.

Adorama via Amazon is offering the Sennheiser HD650 Audiophile Dynamic Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones bundled with the Apogee Groove portable USB DAC/headphone amp for $549.99 shipped (matched at Adorama direct). That’s $204 off the current going rate for these items individually and the best price we can find for either. Even at the lowest price we’ve seen for these headphones, you’re saving about $20 more. Apogee’s new Groove DAC has never been on sale before.

The HD650s feature a 10 – 39,500 Hz response, neodymium magnets, and “specially designed acoustic silk to ensure precision damping over the entire frequency range.” They have a 4.7/5 star rating from over 340 Amazon customers.

Apogee has been a leader in DAC technology for many years and its portable Groove solution has seen favorable reviews thus far. You can learn all about it in our announcement post.

If you’ve been waiting for the Groove to go on sale, Amazon is also offering the DAC/headphone amp bundled with other high-end headphones right now from Beyerdynamic as well.

January 22

Apogee has been one of the top names in digital audio in the music production world for years. It successfully jumped into the mobile game with its iOS friendly interfaces among other things a few years back, and recently launched the second generation MiC+ USB/Lightning Microphone. Apogee rarely opts for affordability over quality, but we had to give it a run for its money anyway.

We have now had a chance to go hands-on with the company’s latest portable mic over the last little while. Apogee has certainly stepped its game up here, but is it still worth the world-class price tag? Head below for our full review… expand full story

June 10, 2015

Apogee now offers free Waves plug-in bundles worth up to $600 w/ its iOS/Mac audio interfaces

Apogee, an industry leader in digital audio, is now offering some serious software packages with its stellar home audio interfaces. Apogee’s Duet, Quartet and the professional Ensemble interfaces, now come with a free Waves plug-in bundle. While you will be paying regular price for the interface itself, these Waves packages are regular $600 for the Silver bundle and $800 for the Gold package.

You can grab a Duet or Quartet on Amazon right now for $100 less than the new Waves bundles, and you can get these particular plug-in packages for about $200 under their regular price on Amazon. But we rarely see Apogee interfaces go for much less than that outside of special holiday events, and it’s usually manufacturer refurbished models. Anyone in the market for a new Apogee will likely see a lot more value (between $300 and $600 depending on the model) with the new Waves bundle offerings.

These Waves plug-in bundles come with a number of very popular products among professional audio engineers/producers including complete EQ and compression suites for Logic Pro X or Pro Tools etc:

  • Over 30 essential audio plugins for mixing and mastering
  • Great introduction to the world of Waves
  • V5 features new versions of Enigma, MondoMod, Super Tap,
  • Includes compressors, equalizers, reverbs, effects and more

Be sure to check out our new weekly series: The Logic Pros, where we explore all the most interesting gadgets and software for making music on your Mac/iOS devices.

August 12, 2016

Apogee’s Portable GROOVE USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier is now available for $230 shipped (Reg. $295)

Adorama has the Apogee GROOVE Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier for Mac and PC for $229.99 shipped. That’s nearly $70 below the regular listing, $50+ under Amazon and the lowest price we have tracked. Rated 4+ stars from over 50 Amazon customers.

Apogee is well known as being an industry leader in digital audio conversion, so you can be confident this is a high quality product that produces a much better sound than a built-in sound card.

October 18, 2017

Recording on iPhone and iPad has never been so exciting. With the plethora of software in combination with the near endless list of hardware options out there, it is easier than ever to record full songs, podcasts and even soundtracks directly to a mobile Apple device. We have always been big fans of what IK Multimedia has done in the space and companies like Apogee and Focusrite continue to turn out high-quality recording solutions for mobile producers.

We thought it would be a great time, ahead of the busy holiday season, to break down some of the best options out there for 2017. Down below you’ll find our top picks for the best Lightning iOS Interfaces in various price ranges to keep the tape rolling on all your mobile masterpieces… expand full story

April 7

Behind the Screens is a weekly 9to5Toys series that takes you through our writers’ setups, be it mobile, desktop, gaming or home theater. Next up is Jordan Kahn, 9to5Mac.

My desk setup is pretty simple and not the exactly the neatest, most cable-free one you’ll find (I won’t try to compete with the YouTubers on cable management), but what I lack there I tried to make up for with an insane and borderline ridiculous amount of screen real estate. Allow me to introduce my dual 38-inch widescreen monitor setup…

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September 11, 2014

Avid and Apogee introduce new Pro Tools Quartet and Duet audio interfaces

Announced today, Avid and Apogee have teamed up to offer a new line of Avid Artist Suite interfaces. The new Avid branded Apogee Duet and Quartet feature the same awarding winning I/O and functionality as their non branded counterparts, but sport an all black exterior and come bundled with Pro Tools 11.

With the new interfaces we are getting full Mac and Windows support along with a bundled download of Pro Tools 11, over 60 virtual instruments/effects and an iLok key to authorize it all. There is also access to EUCON-enabled (Extended User Control) I/O software for direct control between the Pro Tools software and the new Apogee hardware.

As for the hardware itself, both the Duet and Quartet pack the same impressive specs and functionality with up to 24-bit/192 kHz recording resolution, a combination of mic/line/instrument/digital/analog I/O, and USB connection for a MIDI keyboard or DJ controller. These interfaces come with Apogee’s reputation for some of the best sounding converters in pro audio, industry standard Pro Tools software, and are priced accordingly:

The new Pro Tools Quartet pre-order will run you $1,899 and the Duet is going for $1,099. If you aren’t interested in Windows support or the bundled Pro Tools software, both the Quartet ($1395) and Duet ($595) can be had at nearly half the price with iOS support included. Apogee has a couple nice charts outlining the differences between each model in detail.

Full Press Release below:

July 8, 2016

Having a nice mic for your Mac/computer isn’t a necessity for everyone, but it can come in handy for anyone recording voice-overs, song demos or even those that find themselves knee deep in video conference calls. There’s nothing worse than horrible audio during a FaceTime call with a client/colleague.

Personally, I need a mic for all of these reasons (and more), so I thought it was time to take a look at some of the best options and how to most intelligently spend my money. Some mics are insanely expensive and are certainly going to be overkill for your weekly podcasts and staff meetings. Others will suffice for live streaming and things of that nature, but just aren’t going to cut it when it comes to voice-overs and song recording. As a general rule of thumb, voice work and songs are going to require a more expensive, higher quality mic, than those of us just using them for other more casual reasons.

Needless to say, we will be focusing on the much more affordable USB mics, as opposed to your typical, pro analog options. Although we are going to go over some options for those looking to step it up a notch as well:

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July 5

Founded in the mid 1920’s, Beyerdynamic has been producing high-quality audio gear out of Germany for many years. As of late, it is best known for its over-ear studio headphones that easily rank among our favorites in the price range. But today the company is introducing a new product in an audio category the it is not normally associated with. expand full story

January 26

NAMM 2018 is in full swing this week highlighting the best of what the audio/music production industry will have to offer over the coming year. All of the biggest music gadget companies flock to Anaheim, California to show off their newest products and this year is no exception. We have been bringing you some of the major announcements from the show over the past week (or more) and now it’s time to round-up the best of NAMM 2018… expand full story

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