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May 10

Over the last year adidas has been busy cooking up iconic collaborations with innovative brands and celebrities. The majority have been a huge success, especially its recent collaborations with Pharrell Williams! Its partnerships have resulted in some of the most desired and popular sneakers of our time. For 2017, adidas Original and Pharrell teamed up again to with one biggest partnerships of the year – releasing the adidas Tennis HUexpand full story

May 9

For whatever reason H&M hardly disappoints, mostly due to its affordable fashionable apparel. It does a great job of keeping up with the latest fashion trends in every way possible. But many of you may not know H&M isn’t all about clothes. Just like Zara, H&M has an entire department dedicated to making your home look as good as your wardrobe. And they do so without you having to take out a loan! expand full story

May 5

I wouldn’t be telling you anything new if I said adidas and Reigning Champ released a new collaboration. The two brands are thought of highly for its value and comfort when it comes to fitness apparel. Just like previous collaborations, this one will include a focus on apparel and a special shoe release – the alphabounce Reigning Champ Shoe. So get ready for some more cozy active wear, because these two delivered greatness – again. expand full story


May 4

There are many different ways to embrace the coming of summer. Target has decided to do this by launching its World of Inspiration Collection. For a limited-time they will feature a collection of artisan-inspired colors, patterns, and textures hoping to bring flairs to your home and wardrobe!  expand full story


May 3

Many people know of Zara, but few know of its Home Collection – Zara Home. You can’t deny it’s nothing but great news – especially if you’re just learning of this. If you’re one that enjoys decorating your home and showering it with new gifts, you know how expensive it can be. Zara Home, thankfully, has some stylish and trendy pieces that won’t break your bank account. We definitely will be putting them at the top of our list for Home Decor. expand full story

May 1

If you’re not one to take a jog around the park you probably wonder why someone might enjoy running. There are various different reasons as to why. To relieve stress, remain fit, or just because it brings you joy. Whatever reason it may be, every runner knows the importance of wearing the proper shoes when doing o. expand full story


April 28

With the cold weather and cloudy days behind us, we are finding ourselves with more sun. If there is one thing that can be very annoying, it is constantly having to squint to avoid the glaring light from the sun. But I suppose that’s why we have sunglasses. So we don’t necessarily have to struggle to see during the day. expand full story

April 25

Mother’s Day, May 14th, is a lot closer than you may expect. With less than a month away, we will be celebrating the existence of some of the greatest people to have walked this earth – Mothers. An entire day is dedicated to them for all of their hard work, love, and dedication. So make sure you take the proper amount of time to choose the gift that she deserves – don’t wait till the last minute.

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April 19


Traveling is becoming more of a hobby than a luxury. But one thing that seems to always come with traveling, is unpredicted stress – you just never seem to see it coming. With this being a common knowledge, more and more brands are creating cool products to help enhance your traveling experience. Most of these products are things you may have never thought about owning or using. So if you’re one who find themselves in a different city every other week, or maybe you take one big trip a year, here are some must-have accessories that every traveler needs. expand full story

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