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April 19

Traveling is becoming more of a hobby than a luxury. But one thing that seems to always come with traveling, is unpredicted stress – you just never seem to see it coming. With this being a common knowledge, more and more brands are creating cool products to help enhance your traveling experience. Most of these products are things you may have never thought about owning or using. So if you’re one who find themselves in a different city every other week, or maybe you take one big trip a year, here are some must-have accessories that every traveler needs. expand full story

April 18

In 2017, there are certain accessories every person should own, if they don’t already – a specific one being a watch. I know, your phone is able to tell you the time of 20 different cities at the same time. But that’s not the point, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own one. With the evolution of technology and the rise of smartphones, watches have slowly lost its flame. But the Timex Fairfield Watch Collection reignited it.   expand full story


April 14

If you’re like most people, coffee is a major part of starting your day on the right foot. It’s something about the aroma and warmth that wakes you up, preparing you for anything and everything that might come your way. As great as coffee is, it can be expensive. Going to coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts can have you spending $60-100 a month! But I get it, sometimes making an entire pot of coffee is such an inconvenience. That’s exactly why someone invented the wondrous machine called a Keurig – where you can brew single cups of coffee and even whole pots. expand full story

April 12

Whether you’d like to believe it or not, we are four months into the new year. What exactly might that mean? Besides loads of pastel colors and warmer weather, it means Easter weekend is amongst us. As you stroll through your local stores you see all the possible Easter Basket options for children, but none for you. Well don’t worry, you too can enjoy a basket filled with goodies. But don’t wait too long, because Easter is this weekend! expand full story


April 11

It seems like now a days we put in a great deal of effort into looking after our health. This ranges from what we consume, the amount of exercise, down to the hours of sleep we get at night. We use gadgets, such as smart watches, to help us track our daily movements to see how many calories we burn. Being health conscious is no longer a fad, but a way of life. But when you thought there was no other way to track your fitness efforts, Under Armour makes a smart shoe just for that purpose – the SpeedForm Record Equipped sneaker. expand full story


April 7

It’s the beginning of the week after another epic weekend. You randomly get a text from your friends telling you to prepare for what’s to come, especially Sunday Funday. Being that you’re super responsible and plan ahead with everything that you do, you prioritize your responsibilities (because that’s what a good student would do). You immediately begin to think of what you’re going to wear, only to realize you wore all your best outfits this past weekend. So now it’s time to go shopping in search of student discounts, since you’re on a strict budget for the week. expand full story

April 6

There is something about the Caribbean that keeps people coming back for more. Not too sure if it’s because the entire lifestyle culture is centered around vacations and tourism, or because it’s always sunny and warm. Each island has its own unique food and culture even though all its beaches may be look the same – pristine see-through water. Known for its beauty, the Caribbean is filled with colorful homes, buildings, people, and landscapes.

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April 5

You’re walking down the street minding your own business, then someone stops you. As you give them an empty glance, with your most generous smile, they ask you for the time. You go to pick up your wrist only to realize you don’t have on a watch. So you begin to fiddle around looking for your phone. But by the time you find it, someone has taken your place in being a good samaritan. If only you had a watch! expand full story

April 4

If you’re like most of the world you probably have a serious love, if not, obsession, for Amazon. You can pretty much get anything your little heart desires – even household items! But an area that is often over looked is fashion. Being that it carries an enormous amount of designers and contemporary trends, your choice of styles are endless. It’s almost like walking into H&M and seeing never ending clothing racks… Yikes!  expand full story


April 3

Traveling is one of the most popular pastimes. It seems like every week there’s a sale for an airline and Groupon’s Getaway Deals are becoming more affordable. One thing that doesn’t seem to change is the struggle and hassle of packing. Suitcases are not always necessary, especially with short weekend trips. That is where having a duffel bag is needed. Regardless if you’re traveling by air, sea, car, or train, they make a great companion for getaways.  expand full story


March 31

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