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February 7, 2013

Ever Dreamed of Owning a Helicopter? Here’s Your Chancesubzero9to5

Most of us know how enjoyable remote control cars were back when we were kids. The Sub-Zero Chopper is the adult version of remote control fun and from Extreme Fliers (the LEADING brand of R/C Toys) you really can’t go wrong. Have you ever had the chance to play with a remote controlled Helicopter? If you haven’t…you’ve been missing out. Once you’ve mastered the controls you’ll have ENDLESS hours of fun maneuvering your chopper around any indoor area like a champ.

For ONLY $29 (doesn’t include cost of shipping) you can let that inner-child live on forever. Simply put, if you’re looking to add a fun little gadget to your life, this is it.

Click here to get it now!

November 8, 2012

The Best DVD Ripper For Mac! Thanks to our friends over at Digiarty we’re able to hook you up with a killer Mac app that allows you to rip DVD to video/audio formats on Mac OS! Back up DVDs in multiple formats to ensure you don’t lose precious memories or costly software. Rip encrypted DVD to iPhone/5/4S, iPad/2/3/iPad Mini, iPod and iMovie in minutes without compromising quality! Get it for FREE today!

Top Features

  • Converts to iOS
  • Enjoy your favorite DVDs on the go!
  • Backup DVDs
  • Backup content with it’s original video/audio quality in a matter minutes.
  • Supports iOS 6 & Mountain Lion
  • Updated to run flawlessly on even the newest Apple operating systems.
  • Crop DVD Video
  • Fully customizable video editing capability allows you to clip videos to your liking.
  • Decrypt Copy-Protected DVDs
  • MacX DVD Ripper offers update to ensure no DVDs will be too secure to copy or rip.

November 7, 2012

‘Glowify’ Your iPhone 5 In Style! Your new iPhone 5 is an extension of yourself and now you can separate it from the rest with 1 of 28 stylish Glow Gel Combos that will not only look great, but will protect your phone as well. Now you can get one of these sweet Glow Gels Combos for only $24 so get your glow on before it’s too late. Glow Gels™ are an advanced flexible ‘smart skin’ that adheres directly to your mobile device protecting it from scratches, nicks, and dents. Moreover, it ensures the longevity of the most revered smartphone yet while improving its functionality. Click here to get it!

October 31, 2012

Looking For a way to unleash the power of your Mac? MacKeeper is an AWARD WINNING all-in-one system utility that includes 16 powerful maintenance features that fully optimize, protect, control, and clean your Mac. Want to get your Mac back if it ever gets stolen? MacKeeper has you covered! At ONLY $24 (you’re saving $36) it’s worth it for this feature ALONE. Cover up to 2 Macs with this purchase as well. It’s like having a made and security guard in 1.

Click here to see more!

October 30, 2012

Get Your Game on With 6 Killer Mac Games! Looking for some of the best strategy and shooter games on the market? You’ve come to the right place! Call of Duty 4 and Civilization V headline this awesome bundle for our best game value yet. Just for those two games alone it’s worth it. This action-packed bundle has just about something for every gamer who likes to battle. Now you can get ALL of these top Mac games including Call of Duty 4 for one exclusive price of ONLY $30. [$165 off]

Included games:

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ($40)
  • Civilization V ($50)
  • Company of Heroes: Complete ($30)
  • Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy ($55)
  • And Yet It Moves ($10)
  • LIMBO ($10)

Check out more about the deal and all the included games by clicking here!

October 24, 2012

Have you ever had the desire to design ANYTHING digitally? Here’s your chance!

The Learn to Design bundle allows you to learn 10 powerful software products utilized by professionals to create just about anything digitally. Learn everything from web design to video/audio editing! The included courses will teach beginners how to effectively use advanced software and even show cool tips and tricks to more experienced users. Each course is taught by an expert designer who has years of experience in the industry and classroom; most of whom are certified teachers of Adobe software.  At an 89% discount you are receiving 10 courses for less than the price of 1!

Here is a taste of the classes and what they have to offer:

Create Engaging Websites With Twitter Bootstrap: Learn to Create an Intuitive Website With a Free & Open-Source Web Design Framework.

Create Responsive Web Design: Learn How to Optimize Your Webpages for Different Screen Sizes & Platforms.

Design Custom WordPress Themes With Dreamweaver: Learn How to Build, Design, & Edit WordPress Themes With Dreamweaver.

Learn Audition CS6 The Easy Way: Learn The Art of Audio Editing & Enhancement From a Leading Adobe Certified Expert.

Learn To Master Encore CS6: Learn How to Create Professional DVDs With Interactive Menus, Buttons & Intelligent Navigation.

InDesign CS6 MasterClass: Master The Art of Creative Page Layout With This Beginner Course.

The Premiere Pro CS6 Bootcamp Course: Learn How to Utilize a Powerful Video Editing Tool to Create Your Hollywood Masterpiece.

Illustrator CS6 Beginner Course: Learn The Tools & Techniques That Will Give Your Graphics That Extra Edge.

Photoshop CS6 Crash Course: Learn How to Command the Best Tools Adobe Photoshop CS6 Has to Offer.

Design A Logo From Scratch: A Step by Step Course For Beginners on How to Design a Logo From Client Brief to Finished Masterpiece.

Want more information? Please visit our deal page for tons of information and video previews for each included course!

Change your world of Music! Looking for a set of earbuds you can count on for years to come? We’ve found them for you. These Lyrics earbuds have precision-crafted surfaces, custom styling, and softened rubberized ABS housing that will make you forget they are even in your ears. Not only will you feel like you could wear them forever, but with their truly unique, studio-quality listening experience, there will be times that you will want to wear them forever. As you enjoy extended high-frequency response, rich bass, and unrivaled sound clarity, your only regret will be that you didn’t find them ten years earlier. These premium earbuds are UNMATCHED in the market and for ONLY $45 [includes shipping within the CONTINENTAL United States] you’ll know you’ve made the right decision when the music hits your ears. Click here: your ears won’t regret it!

October 16, 2012

Have you ever wanted to build an amazingly beautiful and fully functional website without having to go through the extremely time tedious process of coding it yourself? Well you’re in luck! Let us introduce you to RapidWeaver 5, the piece of software that could change your life for ONLY $49! Plus you’re going to get the Nobility Theme so your website’s design can be flawless from the get go. RapidWeaver makes it ridiculously easy to create stunning websites on your Mac. Whether you’re building your very first website or your fiftieth, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to QUICKLY publish websites to be proud of. Grab RapidWeaver for %53 off now!

October 12, 2012

The “work hard, play hard” mentality is a solid approach to life, and this is the deal to fulfill the latter. That’s why StackSocial is offering The Big Bang Story for Macs. Unwind with the StackSocial.com’s first game deal ever. The Little Bang Story is the ideal balance of fun and strategy. Kill some time, but not your brain with this point and click puzzle game! The seemingly hand-drawn designs and realist sounds of nature make for a refreshingly serene virtual escape. Get in on the fun for ONLY $5, 50% off the retail price!

October 8, 2012

Finally, quality headphones that can keep up with your active lifestyle! Do you get frustrated when you’re in the middle of an intense workout and your earphones fall out or the cables get in the way? MEElectronics feels your pain and has created the solution. The Sport-Fi line and Sport-Fi S6 workout package allows you to forget about your earphones and fully immerse yourself in your activity. Pump your jams, stay focused, perform better, and keep your pockets fat with this $32 deal [includes shipping within the continental USA]! Click here to check out all the little goodies included in this awesome package.

October 5, 2012

Protect your little web browsers with this customizable content filter that is currently only $24 after a 40% discount! The Internet is a wonderful resource, but the dark corners and back alleys of the web are full of content that you don’t want your children to see. Adult websites and other sites containing inappropriate content for young children are always only a click away. ContentBarrier helps you create an Internet environment that’s SAFE for your children and now you can protect them from these very dangers of internet browsing for ONLY $24.

September 4, 2012

Get 50% off TopXNotes! Tired of having 20 little sticky notes on your desktop? Or for that matter, isn’t it a pain when your notes are all over everything? This little piece of powerful software has an intelligent interface and intuitive features that will leave your mind at ease while you keep track of all of your notes in an orderly fashion.

August 16, 2012

Pay $25 for a $50 Credit to Incase that includes free shipping to contiguous United States. Incase primarily offers cases for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, & iPod; but also offers bags, headphones, and other related products. Deal ends August 18th.  

August 14, 2012

StackSocial offers 8 quality Mac Apps for The Mac Variety Bundle for $39. That’s $296 under the lowest retail price we could find for all of the included mac apps combined. (PDF Editor Pro is valued at $100 by itself.) The bundle includes PDF Editor Pro, CrossOverXI, Invoice 3, FantaShow, Logoist, iClip, Speed Download, and Watchman. Deal ends August 20.

July 5, 2012

Let’s face it, Adobe Photoshop is so intense that unless you’re a pro there’s a good chance it’s consuming up way more time of yours than it should be. Not anymore. For ONLY $39 you’ll get more than 13 hours of content and over 174 lectures of actionable instruction that will turn you into a pro in no time!

June 27, 2012

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the BEST-SELLING Roxio Toast 11 Titanium features a new user interface that’s up-to-date, innovative and intuitive! From capturing audio and video to converting media to copying, sharing, burning and more, Roxio Toast 11 QUICKLY and EASILY gets you the media you love…wherever you want it! Don’t let this amazing deal pass you up.

With this EXTREMELY simple application you’ll be able to keep track of your cash flow and manage your personal finances to make smarter financial decisions. And for ONLY $15 it’s bound to save you at least that much money by making sure your finances are properly accounted for. Don’t let this amazing StackSocial deal pass you up, get it now! 

June 18, 2012

The magic lies within the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy complete freedom to record and capture anything that appears on your screen. With this Mac app you’ll be able to use a variety of effect and annotation tools to create instructive and professional screens and recordings. For ONLY $15 [50% off] you can’t go wrong with this timesaving screen capture application because of its unusually effective features!

June 13, 2012

Get Wallpaper Wizard, Mac App Blocker, App Delete, VidConvert and Narrator all for only $20. These five  Mac apps are designed to simplify your life and increase office and home productivity. StackSocial is offering these amazing apps  75% off so don’t let this deal pass you up! 

June 11, 2012

Tired of Manually Entering your Contacts Yourself? That can all change thanks to WriteThatname, a Gmail and Google Apps service that keeps your contacts’ details 100% up-to-date without an ounce of effort on your part.With this exclusive offer you’re going to get a one-year premium subscription to WriteThatname and will also receive HistoRecall, a powerful extra feature that scans the last year of your email exchanges and updates all of the contacts you never had the time to do yourself for ONLY $20 through StackSocial!

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