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Home security is up there with the most important things we keep track of in our lives. Luckily we live in a time with a plethora of advanced smart devices enhancing the ability to keep our homes safe. On the flip side, these new products tend to be more on the expensive side.

Homsecure is a new product on Kickstarter by Wavepod that is over 50% funded, and at this rate it should get the funding it needs by the end of the campaign. This smart home security device was created to give people a more affordable solution to quick and easy home setups. There’s no need to replace any of your existing alarms, there are no monthly fees, and the best part is that only one Homsecure device is necessary per household.

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May 16

Amazon’s popular Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices have come a long way since they were initially released a few years ago. When we weren’t sure it would get any better, Amazon had sent its Fire users a revamped Fire TV software update back in December. I remember thinking to myself after updating, “Now this is what I’m talking about.”

If you’re a fan of these hot streaming devices, there’s some exciting news coming your way. Just as Roku has already been doing for a while, a few models of 4K TVs by Element and Westinghouse will be getting Amazon’s Fire TV software along with Alexa.

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May 15

Reducing your apartment, home, or business electricity bill is always a challenge. We’ve all heard of the solar panel idea for years but most of us probably don’t invest in such expensive things. And for renters, it generally isn’t allowed to put these on the roof. So how can we save?

SolarGaps are smart window blinds that can save us up to 70% on electric bills. It is currently past the halfway mark of its funding on Kickstarter. These blinds automatically track the sun throughout the day, adjusting position to optimal angles to generate solar electricity, which powers your home or office devices.

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May 14

May 12

Constant news all over, especially in recent tech, revolves around what will come next for virtual reality (VR). Over the past few years we’ve introduced many different ways to use VR but it is still not mainstream, surely due to price and lack of ease of use. As gaming is the primary target for using VR, at this point most of us might prefer a nice large screen instead of a bulky VR headset weighing down our faces.

We’re seeing progress in the area as the months go by, and this VRgluv is a great example, and it is fully funded on Kickstarter. Those interested in VR in general have probably been wondering when we’d be able to “feel” virtual objects in addition to just seeing them. This is quite the game changer for sure.

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May 11

If you’re into 3D printers, you’ve probably experienced a lot of the complications of using those (usually) large machines. It would be super helpful if there was an easier way to control it and to manage your 3D printer files.

Any of you who remember AstroPrint from two years ago on Kickstarter are in for a throwback, as the company has just finished funding for its new product, AstroBox Touch. This device will enhance the original one by visually (and wirelessly) connecting your 3D Printer to AstroPrint Cloud.

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