1 year subscription Stories June 8, 2016

Get a 1-yr. Forbes Magazine subscription (or renewal) for just $5 shipped (Reg. $20+)

DiscountMags is offering a 1-year subscription to Forbes Magazine for just $4.99 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. That’s $25 under the usual DiscountMags price, $15 under the direct listing at Forbes and matching our usual deal price. Only in multi-mag bundles and once-a-year holiday sales do we ever see this one get any lower than this.

This deal is available to both new customers and existing subscribers looking to renew their sub at a discount (checkbox right below the price on the listing page).

As always, everything ships free, has no sales tax, and will never auto-renew on you. You can also send anything in your cart to a different address with a personalized gift note.

And remember we still have rock bottom pricing on Motor Trend magazine.

1 year subscription Stories July 2, 2014

expired1 year magazine subs: Wired + Macworld both w/ digital access for $11.50 shipped (Reg. $42+), more

Today we have a great deal on Macworld and Wired magazine bundle. You can grab a one year subscription to both mags for $11.50 with free shipping and digital access using code 9TO5TOYS. It is available for up to 2 years at the discounted pricing.

Adding both mags together, that’s $114.50 off the newsstand price and $30.50 off the already deep sale price. Considering our usual best deal on Wired with digital access is $5, today’s deal essentially brings the price of Macworld down to $6.50. That’s $1 under our regular exclusive sale price and matching the lowest we’ve ever seen the mag go for (which was special sale pricing during Macworld 2014).

Both mags include digital access to iPad and other devices. For complete details on how to redeem to your digital subscription head over to the Macworld and Wired listing pages and hit the digital access button. Both mags will basically become available to you digitally once the first print copy comes.

You can also grab a one year sub to Car & Driver for $5 using code 9TO5TOYS (Reg. $49 newsstand, $12 sale). DiscountMags offers free delivery, no sales tax, and no auto renewals.

1 year subscription Stories March 6, 2014

expired1 year magazine subs: Wired + Popular Science: $9 shipped (Reg. $108), GQ + Maxim: $9 shipped (Reg. $96), more

In today’s magazine subscription deals we have a couple nice bundles with some popular mags at great prices. First up we have a one year sub to a Wired and Popular Science bundle for $9 with free delivery using code 9TO5TOYS. That’s a savings of $99 if you were to purchase these two mags at the newsstand, $16 off this particular bundle’s sale price, and at $4.50 each, the lowest price we’ve seen outside of multi-year/mag specials.

Our next bundle includes GQ and Maxim also for $9 with free delivery using code 9TO5TOYS. You are saving $87 off the newsstand listings, and nearly half the price of this bundle’s already deeply discounted sale price. You can also grab Outdoor Photographer magazine for $5 (Reg. $40 newsstand, $11 sale price) also using code 9TO5TOYS.

Macworld is available today with digital access and free delivery at up to 2 years for $8 using code 9TO5TOYS ($76 off newsstand, $14 off sale price). Macworld’s digital access features iPad optimization (including Retina support), integrated video clips, sound bites, multimedia and more.

All of today’s deals are available for up to 3 years at the discounted price, come with no auto renewals, no sales tax, and completely free delivery in the US.

Wired + Pop Science  1-year sub: $9 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $108 at newsstand) GQ + Maxim 1-year sub: $9 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $96 at newsstand)

1 year subscription Stories February 4, 2014

expired1 year magazine subs: Wired w/ digital access: $5 (Reg. $60), GQ & Esquire bundle: $9 (Reg. $90), more

We have some more mag deals for you today including a 1 year sub to a GQ and Esquire bundle for just $9 using code 9TO5TOYS. Together, that’s $81 off the newsstand listing, $19 off the already discounted sale prices and $12 better than this bundle’s regular price.

We also have a one year subscription to Wired magazine for $5 with digital access and free shipping using code 9TO5TOYS. That’s $55 off the newsstand, $15 off the already discounted price and matches the lowest we’ve seen this mag go for outside and special promotions that required multiple mag subscriptions across multiple years. You can also grab a 1 year sub to Bon Appetite magazine for $5 with Digital Access, again using code 9TO5TOYS and with free delivery. You’re saving $43 off the newsstand and $10 off the sale price.

Expect no sales tax, free delivery and no auto renewals from DiscountMags. These deals are only available in the US.

GQ & Esquire Bundle 1-year sub: $9 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $90 newsstand price) – Up to 3 years Wired w/ Digital Access 1-year sub: $5 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $60 newsstand price) – Up to 3 years

While sometimes these kinds of deals can be a bit of a run-around, you can find a direct subscription to Popular Photography for free right now by giving some information like your company details, email address, name etc.

1 year subscription Stories September 19, 2013

1-year magazine subscription: Bloomberg Businessweek: $20 ($230 off), more

Update: This deal is now over!  Don’t miss out next time.  Follow 9to5Toys for all the latest deals… TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+

Update: We have extended the Bloomberg Businessweek deal from now through Saturday, and added a 1-year sub to Popular Science Magazine today for $5 ($43 off). More details below the fold.

Today we have a great deal on a 1-year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine for just $20 using promo code 9TO5TOYS. That is $230 off the regular newsstand listing and even $30 off the already discounted price DiscountMags currently offers. Today’s deal also comes with free digital access and is available at the discounted price for up to 3 years. DiscountMags offers free delivery in the US, no sales tax and none of the subscriptions are subject to auto renewal.

Today, Bloomberg published a wide ranging piece that marks the first time Apple’s leadership, including CEO Tim Cook, head of design Jony Ive, and software chief Craig Federighi, have sat down for a joint interview.

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine 1-year subscription: $20 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $250 newsstand price) – Up to 3 years

Each issue of BusinessWeek features in-depth perspectives on the financial markets, industries, trends, technology and people guiding the economy. Draw upon BusinessWeek’s timely incisive analysis to help you make better decisions about your career, your business, and your personal investments.

Head below for the rest of today’s mag deals:

1 year subscription Stories September 6, 2013

Update: These deals are now over!  For this weekend’s deals head over to DiscountMags for the Kids & Parents Magazine Sale, where you can grab some great deals on GQ, Golf Digest, Men’s Health, Better Homes and Gardens, as well as an assortment of great kid’s magazines.

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The cheap mag deals keep coming today with Popular Science and Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. You can pick up 1 year subscriptions for both at just $5 each with free shipping using promo code 9TO5TOYS. Conde Nast Traveler has a newsstand listing of nearly $48, bringing you a savings today of $42.40. With Popular Science, you are saving around $43. Both mag subscriptions are available for up to 3 years.

Remember, DiscountMags offers free shipping within the US, absolutely no sales tax and these subs are never subject to automatic renewal.

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