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Dish satellite TV subscriptions: 200 channels for $40/mo + $100 Visa GC ($300 off), 120 channels for $20/mo + $25 Visa GC ($100 off)

For anyone interested in a Dish satellite TV subscription, Groupon is offering a great deal right now with as much as $300 in savings. There are two options available here: A DISH satellite TV subscription with “America’s Top 200 channel package or above” with $25 off your DISH TV bill for the first 12 months, bringing it to just $40 per month. Over the 12 months that’s $300 in savings. To sweeten the deal even further, Groupon is throwing in a $100 Visa gift card with this package.

The second option, is a subscription with “America’s Top 120 channel package” or below. With this one you get $10 off your DISH TV bill per month for the first 12 months and a free $25 Visa gift card. This will bring your monthly bill down to $20 a month for the first year,  a savings off $100 over the entire year. For more details and instructions on how to redeem the discount head over to the listing page.

Dish satellite TV subscriptions:

200 channels: $40/mo + $100 Visa GC ($300 off) 120 channels: $20/mo+ $25 Visa GC ($100 off)

BestBuy and Sprint are offering a truly rare deal for students leading into the holidays this year. Starting today, students in the US that purchase a smartphone from BestBuy will be able to get 12 months of free talk, text, and data for 12 months. You’ll have to pick up an eligible Student Activated Price device in-store with an Unlimited, My Way plan, but that won’t require a contract and there are plenty of great phones to choose from.

You’ll pay a little more for BestBuy’s student pricing. For example, $699 for a 16GB iPhone 5s or $599 for a Moto X, but the free year of service (normally $70/month) will still save you a ton of money by the end of the first year. There will also be a $36 activation fee per line.

In addition, Best Buy is offering an additional 12 months of free service by adding another phone line to the same account on a two-year contract.

After your free year of service is up you’ll have to cancel your service or hand over the $70/month that the My Way unlimited plan with 1GB of data normally goes for. The deal will be available in BestBuy stores until January 4. A full list of eligible devices with pricing below: expand full story

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