200GB microSD Stories October 17, 2016

expiredGold Box: Monster SanDisk storage sale: 200GB MicroSD: $59, 200GB Wireless: $68, much more

Amazon has a monster Gold Box offer from SanDisk today showing all time lows on their best storage products. There is truly something for everyone here.

Standouts are the SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD w/full sized adapter for $58.99 shipped. That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen on a 200GB MicroSD card. It instantly turns any MicroSD-compatible Android phone into a 200+GB powerhouse of storage. It is also great w/90MB/s speed for GoPros, Raspberry Pis, cameras and with a little add on, can be a nice invisible 200GB of extra storage for your SD Card-enabled Mac or PC. These come with a full sized SD card adapter and get 4.5/5 star ratings.

Also available in 128GB version for $32.99 shipped and 64GB for $15.95 shipped. Or starting at $12.99 for full sized SD cards. (above)

If you want to add some external storage or transfer capabilities to your iOS iPhones, iPods or iPads, SanDisk has new form factor MFi iXpands in 32GB and 128GB for $30.58 and $71.95 shipped. 

For Micro-USB Android devices grab 64GB/128GB SanDisk Ultra Dual Drives for $14.99 or $25.99 shipped.

For Wifi Wireless storage, pick up the Connect Wireless Flash Drives in 128GB/200GB for $59.99/$68.39 shipped. These allow a few different devices share the same music, files, movies and photos at the same time. I put one of these in my car’s USB port and not only can I play the MP3 files in my car stereo but my kids get to watch a bunch of saved movies on their phones and tablets via wifi when we drive. The device stays charged via the USB port.

Finally, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do. Part of today’s Gold Box is a 128GB USB 2 Cruzer Drive for $27.99. But I’ve gone off the board and found the much smaller 128GB UltraFit USB 3 (meaning faster transfer rates) for less $27.76 shipped. Smaller, cheaper, faster = no brainer. 

Basically today’s Gold Box Prices are the lowest across a wide variety of storage platforms. If you think you might need digital storage any time soon, today’s the day. 

200GB microSD Stories March 2, 2015

SanDisk has taken the wraps off “the world’s highest capacity microSD card.” Packed with 200GB of speedy flash storage, the SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Premium Edition card represents a jump of 56% over the previous record holder. It can move data at up to 90MB/s, which SanDisk says is fast enough to transfer up to 1,200 photos per minute.

A 200GB microSD card is an eye-popping achievement. Just consider that it’s more space than many people’s laptops and more than 150% larger than the biggest available iPhone. Slide it into your Android smartphone or tablet, GoPro, and other portable gadgets and you’ll instantly have access to a massive amount of storage.

This is also big news for Mac users. We’ve shared with you just how easy it is to upgrade MacBook Air/Retina MacBook Pro laptops with a microSD card. Using the same method of theminidrive putting SanDisk’s new microSD card into a custom MacBook adapter, you’ll now be able to add 200GB of semi-permnenant storage to your Mac.

The 200GB model isn’t due to hit stores until Q2 this year and will be priced at $399.99.

My recommendation? If you aren’t in dire need of that much space, just buy last years 128GB model for $100. expand full story

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