Screentendo can turn any part of your screen into a playable Super Mario Bros. level

Nintendo’s famous characters are everywhere, from adorning the top of retro-inspired amiibo stands, to a plethora of merchandise and soon, on mobile devices. But for developer Aaron Randall, that just isn’t enough. His new work-in-progress desktop app turns just about any part of your screen into a playable Super Mario Bros. level:

The aptly named Screentendo project allows users to select a portion of their screen for everyone’s favorite plumber to run around in. As you can see in the demonstration video above, a semi transparent window appears once the app is launched, which can be moved around and resized like any typical window. You then lay the window over an area of your screen, click in the middle, and then it analyzes the geometry of the images to create a traditional original Super Mario Bros. looking level, breakable bricks and 8-bit clouds included.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a compiled version of Randall’s Mario Bros. hack, so you’re going to need Xcode (or something along those lines) and a basic knowledge of coding to get the prototype up and running. Here’s to hoping that we will be playing Super Mario Bros. on the 9to5Toys logo in the near future.