9to5toysspecials Stories May 14, 2015

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9to5Toys Specials currently has the Limited-Edition ‘Code Black’ HD-Camera Drone + Crash Pack for $115 with free shipping. This is the ideal bundle for any drone enthusiast.

The Code Black is palm-sized, but this limited edition drone is equipped with the features of a much bigger quadcopter. It uses an on-board gyroscope to provide six-axis stabilization — particularly useful when flying it outside — and it offers two modes for different levels of piloting experience: beginner and expert. Folks with plenty of airtime under their belts can deploy one of the four pre-programmed flips, and the in-built HD camera lets you capture the action. With this deal, you also get the “Crash Pack” — in essence, a box of spare parts for any time you get too ambitious with your aerial maneuvers.

  • Ready to fly, out of the box
  • 4-way flip (left, right, forward, backward)
  • Beginner and expert flight modes
  • HD 720p camera, records onto microSD card
  • 16 spare blades, replacement motors, and more, to refresh you drone’s armor

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9to5toysspecials Stories May 11, 2015

Original 2003 springclean bundle mf main

9to5Toys Specials currently has the ‘Spring Clean’ Mac Bundle for $10. It includes 7 apps to freshen up your Mac. These apps get great reviews on the Mac App Store:

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With daily usage, any computer can start to slow down under the weight of unused apps, detected duplicates, and giant uncompressed files. This bundle is designed to help with cleaning out all of the unnecessary junk. The hard drive is where most of it lurks, so you get three apps (Disk Expert, Disk Inspector and ClearDisk) to see what is taking up room and facilitate its removal. Duplicates Expert roots out unnecessary clones, while App Uninstaller gets rid of unwanted software. You also get Boost & Memory to remove cached RAM, and Funter lets you see all the files OS X likes to hide.

  • Disk Expert
  • Duplicates Expert
  • ClearDisk
  • Disk Inspector
  • App Uninstaller
  • Boost & Memory
  • Funter

Grab these apps for 72% off their standard price here.

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