A Dark Room Stories January 11, 2016


IGN has selected A Dark Room as its Free Game of the Month for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This game typically goes for $1-$2, it has only gone free a few times since it was released in February of 2014. It has collected an impressive 4.5/5 star rating from over 27,000 App Store users in that time.

Unlike typical price drops, you can’t just grab this freebie from within the App Store. You’ll need to do the following:

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A Dark Room Stories October 27, 2015

expiredA Dark Room — the best-selling iPhone/iPad RPG is now available for free (Reg. $1)

A Dark Room for iOS is now available for free. Regularly listed between $1 and $2, this is the first time we have seen the game go free since this time last year, outside of a quick 3 day sale. It is “one of Apple’s Top 10 Paid Apps of 2014” and has received a 4.5 star rating from  over 27,000 reviewers.

Head below for more details:

A Dark Room is basically a unique RPG that has become very popular for its eerie setting and text-based gameplay: “Awake. Head throbbing. Vision blurry. Come light the fire and escape into a world you’ll never forget.

A Dark Room starts with a few lines of text on a white screen, and what you can do is pressing the “stoke fire” button. When a ragged stranger has come, you keep stoking the fire, the grey progress bar slowly filling itself out again each time to signal when you’ll be able to press the “stoke fire” button again. Then you will find more strangers come, and more resource should be built & managed, and you will begin your own story.

If the format interests you, be sure to checkout the prequel Ensign, and you’ll find the rest of our best iOS/Mac deals and freebies in our latest roundup.

iOS Universal: A Dark Room: FREE (Reg. $1)

A Dark Room Stories November 3, 2014

expiredA Dark Room is now available for free on iOS (Reg. up to $3.99)

A Dark Room for iOS is now available as a free download in celebration of one year in the App Store. The minimalist, text survival experience was originally ported from PC but was developed from the ground up to suit mobile before it was released around this time last year. The title, has only been free 3 other times before now, regularly listed between $1.99 and $3.99.

More details below: 

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