All-new Adonit Dash 4 stylus supports iPad palm rejection, wields magnetic USB-C charging, more

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Adonit Dash 4

Roughly three months after Adonit unveiled its AI-Vocal stylus with a built-in voice recorder, the company already has another release up its sleeve. This time around it’s Adonit Dash 4. Not only does it support the latest iPad palm rejection technology, it can also be used with basically any other touchscreen out there. It comes with a USB-C charger that refuels Dash 4 with a hassle-free magnetic design. One hour of charging tops off the battery, and owners can anticipate up to 15 hours of usage before it runs out of juice. Continue reading to learn more.

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Adonit’s new stylus pairs with iPhone and iPad, is a voice recorder, and costs less than Apple Pencil

Much like Apple AirTag, Apple Pencil was a product that came along and largely decimated much of the competition. Adonit is a company that has continued to deliver all sorts of Apple Pencil alternatives, but the latest takes things even further. Not only does Adonit AI-Vocal tap into iPad palm-rejection technology like Logitech Crayon and others, it sports a secondary mode that lets it also behave as an iPhone stylus. An even more notable addition is the built-in voice recorder, which has enough internal storage to hold nine hours of audio. Continue reading to learn more.

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