aeropress Stories November 25, 2019

expiredEarly Black Friday coffee maker deals from $22.50: AeroPress, Keurig and more

Sur La Table is now offering the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker for $22.46 after you apply the code THANKS19 at checkout. Free shipping is available in orders over $59. However, Kohl’s is also offering it down at $25.49 with free shipping after you apply code GIVETHANKS at checkout. Regularly $30 at Amazon and elsewhere, deals on the popular AeroPress coffee maker are rare at best with today’s offer being slightly below the previous price drop. Using a “rapid, total immersion brewing process,” it provides users with a simple and quick way to make press-style coffee in a fraction of the time (about 1 min per 1 to 3 cups). Rated 4+ stars from over 5,500 Amazon customers. More details below.

aeropress Stories September 24, 2019

The much-beloved AeroPress is getting an upgrade today after 14 years. Slated to ship in late October, the new AeroPress Go takes the design of the original and recreates it into an even more portable coffeemaker. Whether you’re at home or the office, or somewhere in between, perfect American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee awaits with the lastest AeroPress creation. Alongside an updated design are new accessories that are made to fit in with the mobile lifestyle this coffeemaker warrants. Hit the jump for more details on the new AeroPress, including pricing and availability.

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aeropress Stories February 21, 2019

expiredThe AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker gets a rare price drop today, now down to $24

Kohl’s is offering the AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker for $23.99 using code SNOWDAY20 at checkout. Now, you’ll need to hit the $75 shipping threshold to avoid the delivery fees here. Otherwise you’ll need to get lucky and hope a store near you has one for pickup. But deals on this venerable coffee maker are rare at best, so it’s certainly worth it for anyone making a larger Kohl’s purchase. Regularly $30, it really ever only goes on sale once a year on Amazon for the most part. Rated 4+ stars from over 8,000 Amazon customers. More details below.

aeropress Stories November 19, 2018

expiredYou need an AeroPress, and it’s now 20% off at $24 via Amazon

Amazon offers the AeroPress Coffee Maker for $23.96 shipped. That’s good for 20% off the regular going rate and the best we’ve seen in a year at Amazon. Ever since I picked up an AeroPress in 2017, it’s one of my favorite ways to make coffee. And let me tell you, I like to make coffee. Perfect for espresso or single cups of brew. This kit comes with everything needed including a stir stick to properly bloom your beans. Rated 4.7/5 stars.

aeropress Stories September 18, 2015

Coffee drinkers are a fanatical group. Everyone has a preferred method of brewing that perfect cup. Even within certain styles – like pour-over – there are raging debates on which product makes the best joe. There is a coffee aficionado that is taking a new product to Kickstarter with the goal of simplifying the brewing process…oh and raising about a million dollars, as well.

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aeropress Stories March 12, 2015


“Great coffee” is a moving target. Thanks mostly to Starbucks, the typical coffee drinker today laughs off Sanka and other instant coffees that were considered great three decades ago. But at the same time, “third-wave” and “fourth-wave” coffee shops consider Starbucks to be a purveyor of mediocre coffee, and serious coffee drinkers agree. Independent coffee shops have continued to push coffee quality and variety forward, dragging donut shops, Starbucks, and home coffee makers to make better-tasting beverages in the process.

My Kitchen Tech column has previously explored the highest end of fancy at-home coffee with Chemex’s $250 Ottomatic pour-over coffee machine, and yesterday we covered KitchenAid’s announcement of a $250 deluxe coffee siphon brewer. But most people don’t want to spend that much money just to pour hot water on coffee grounds. So this week’s column takes a quick look at an option that’s around 90% less expensive, extremely popular, and capable of achieving excellent results: the $26 AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. With an average Amazon user rating of 4.6/5 stars after nearly 3,700 Amazon reviews, the AeroPress requires a little more manual involvement, but pumps out great-tasting individual cups of coffee. Read on…

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