AirPods Stories October 4

Ever since Apple released its AirPods, loads of alternatives from competitors have been pushed out in an attempt to grab marketshare. Companies like Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, Jabra, and even Anker have shipped what they think consumers are looking for. Up to this point, none of the options have seemed to garner the amount of interest that AirPods have experienced. With today’s announcement of the TrueConnect earbuds from RHA, folks who are not in the Apple ecosystem or find the fit of the AirPods to be uncomfortable may finally have a viable alternative to consider. expand full story

AirPods Stories April 21

Although they cost $159 and can still be hard to find, there’s a lot to love about Apple’s AirPods. The W1 chip makes it easy to pair with Apple devices and they just work…unless they just fall out of your ears like mine. (You can pop some Earbuddyz on them but then you have to remove to charge creating more of a hassle, lost pieces).

I’ve gone back to just using my Bose QC35s for workouts and everyday music listening but now that summer is coming, I’ve been looking for an AirPods alternative to keep cool while mowing the lawn. There are a ton of garbage wireless headphones out there for $10-$20 that people have sent me but I think I’ve found a really good pair worth your attention. Not only do these earbuds sound good and work much like Apple’s AirPods, but they can also be had for a great price.

MJYUN Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds with Noise Cancelling and USB-C charging Case are $27.99 after using code O8CJ2DTY this weekend only.

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AirPods Stories April 14, 2017

Image of the best AirPods accessories on the market

Now that AirPods have been on the market for a few months (although they’re amazingly still six weeks out on Apple’s website for new orders), there are a lot of accessories to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the best products to enhance, protect, and prevent the loss of your AirPods.

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