Algoriddim unveils ‘world’s first AI Digital Vinyl System (DVS) for iOS’ with Neural Mix DJ record

world’s first AI based Digital Vinyl System for iOS

Algoriddim is unveiling a major update today to introduce the “world’s first AI based Digital Vinyl System (DVS) for mobile devices” alongside a physical patent-pending Neural Mix Vinyl to support it. The next-generation update for Algoriddim’s djay app is looking to make iPhone and iPad the “brains of the DJ booth.” It delivers full control over its DJ software on iOS devices using special time code vinyl with a pair of turntables negating the need to use laptops, MacBooks, and portable drives in the booth – essentially the ability to mix and scratch digital music files on proper analog turntables via iOS. Head below for more details on the new Digital Vinyl System and Neural Mix Vinyl record. 

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