Amazon Dash Stories March 31, 2016


It was a year ago to the day that Amazon announced its Dash Button service, which provides consumers “easy-one touch ordering” of a variety of products. Today, the online giant has more than tripled its lineup bringing the total number of products to over 100.

From home goods to food, personal care and more, Amazon is making its move to show that Dash is a viable service. Head below for a look at the new buttons that are available for ordering today.

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Amazon Dash Stories February 29, 2016


Amazon Dash is picking up steam as the popular online retailer has partnered up with Brita on a new Wi-Fi enabled water pitcher that automatically orders new filters. This is the just latest product in a stream of new internet-connected devices from retailers like Brother, GE, Whirlpool and others.

The Brita Infinity is the “first smart, Wi-Fi enabled” pitcher available on the market. As with similar products, new filters are needed periodically to ensure that your water is being cleaned at peak efficiency. The pitcher keeps track of how much water is consumed and automatically orders new filters when needed via Dash. Setup is simple: just register the pitcher and connect it to your wireless network, then Infinity handles every thing else.

Interested? You can purchase Brita’s new Wi-Fi enabled pitcher today at Amazon for $44.99 Prime shipped. Full PR can be found below. Don’t forget, first-time Amazon Dash Button orders receive a discount of $4.99.

Those in need of a long-term solution will want to look at a permanent option like this product from Aquasana or PUR’s faucet attachment system.

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Amazon Dash Stories September 2, 2015

(Update 10/1 11am:) Amazon added new device makers to the Dash program this morning:

We are excited to introduce 11 new device makers—General Electric, Samsung, Gmate, Oster, August, and more—to the Dash Replenishment Service program,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President, Amazon Devices. “Dash Replenishment Service adds convenience and ease for both customers and device makers alike. Customers don’t have to do anything—they can simply rely on the connected device to automatically reorder the consumables that keep their homes running smoothly. For device makers, DRS makes it easy to add re-ordering functionality to their devices to deliver a helpful and differentiated experience for customers.

Starting today, Amazon is offering all Prime members the opportunity to purchase a Dash Button for $4.99 and with the first Dash purchase $4.99 will be credited back to the Prime members account. Amazon is also expanding the program to include 29 different brands, representing more than 500 products for Prime members to choose to purchase with the press of a button.Amazon dash program

The Dash program is incredibly simple: when you’re out of a home good, just press the button and a refill will arrive at your door step within a couple of days. It connects to your Wi-Fi and communicates directly with Amazon. Some of the more notable options include Tide, Bounty, Glad Trash Bags, Gatorade and more.

We first reported back in March when we thought it could possibly be an April Fools joke from Amazon.

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Amazon Dash Stories April 27, 2015

genican logo and product blueLast week we featured a couple of smart devices to help keep the items in your kitchen automatically replenished, including these tiny iOS connected Droplet buttons and this hybrid smartcan. While the GeniCan isn’t going to help keep your floors clean at the same time, it can certainly make any one of your regular trashcans a whole lot smarter.

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Amazon Dash Stories April 22, 2015


Not unlike Amazon’s new Dash devices, Droplet is a physical button that can be affixed to just about anything to help you remember and track daily activities/tasks. Fully integrated with your smartphone/tablet, you can replenish your laundry detergent with it like Amazon Dash, but it’s mainly designed to offer helpful notifications for the daily tasks that are most important to you… expand full story

Amazon Dash Stories March 31, 2015

Amazon’s new Dash Replenishment Service brings push button ordering to your washing machine

Today’s big news comes from Amazon, who announced a new venture that aims to make ordering household supplies easier… almost too easy. Its Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) offers an internet connected device that makes stocking up on supplies as easy as a push of a button. The little stick-on devices can go a number of places, with washing machines being a prime example. After a consumer would see a need for laundry soap, they would simply press the button and more would come their way.

Amazon is also offering integration with appliances, with early adoption planned from companies such as Whirlpool, Brita and Quirky. DRS is also available with Amazon’s Fresh service, the included wand allows users to scan bar codes of food that needs replenished, instantly adding it to the customer’s cart online.

There is no denying that this little project from Amazon, which is currently in beta, would close the gap between Amazon and its customers even more. Just make sure you keep it out of your children’s reach – that could be a problem.

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