Amazon Fresh Stories August 1, 2018

expiredAmazon offers new AmazonFresh customers $25 off their first $100+ purchase

Amazon is currently offering $25 off your first $100+ AmazonFresh order when coupon code FRESH25 has been applied at checkout. AmazonFresh is the online retailer’s alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar grocery shopping experience. Customers receive one-day shipping on fresh produce, dairy, eggs and more with free delivery on orders that exceed $50. Prime members can join the service for $15/month. If you reside in one of the cities where the service is offered and would like to skip trips to the grocery store, AmazonFresh may be a good fit for you. See terms and conditions below.

Amazon Fresh Stories March 31, 2015

Amazon’s new Dash Replenishment Service brings push button ordering to your washing machine

Today’s big news comes from Amazon, who announced a new venture that aims to make ordering household supplies easier… almost too easy. Its Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) offers an internet connected device that makes stocking up on supplies as easy as a push of a button. The little stick-on devices can go a number of places, with washing machines being a prime example. After a consumer would see a need for laundry soap, they would simply press the button and more would come their way.

Amazon is also offering integration with appliances, with early adoption planned from companies such as Whirlpool, Brita and Quirky. DRS is also available with Amazon’s Fresh service, the included wand allows users to scan bar codes of food that needs replenished, instantly adding it to the customer’s cart online.

There is no denying that this little project from Amazon, which is currently in beta, would close the gap between Amazon and its customers even more. Just make sure you keep it out of your children’s reach – that could be a problem.

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