amazon-prime-instant-video You’ll soon be able to stream Transparent, Orphan Black, and any other Amazon Prime Instant Video title during select JetBlue flights at no additional cost. Relying on JetBlue’s Fly-Fi connection as its backbone, the two companies seem confident that they are ready to keep up with the bandwidth demands of streaming video:

Fly-Fi uses satellite technology to give customers internet speeds that feel like what they have at home or work. Amazon and JetBlue worked together to ensure that the inflight entertainment system met the premium experience expected by customers when streaming movies and TV episodes from Amazon. Access to Amazon’s entertainment library will be built into the JetBlue Fly-Fi Hub, giving customers instant access to watch titles from Amazon on their laptops, Fire devices, iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets—no pre-flight download needed.

Any in-flight passengers who are not Prime members will have the option to purchase or rent videos from the Amazon Instant Video store.

This latest announcement is just another feather in Amazon’s cap. At this point Prime is a must-have for anyone who regularly shops online — it offers free 2-day shipping, exclusive pricing and priority access to select Lightning deals. Not to mention unlimited cloud storage for photos, music/video streaming, and more. Not a member? Start your free 30-day trial now.

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