Amazon Scout Stories August 6

Amazon Prime has become a staple of my household. Our reliance on the service has been bolstered further thanks to Amazon rolling out free one-day shipping for many of its products. This is no small undertaking and the company is betting on Amazon Scout to automate delivery of some packages.

We covered the debut of Amazon Scout back in January and at that time the launch of a mere six units in Snohomish County, Washington made it seem as though the company was taking it slow. With news that Amazon is bringing Scout to Southern California beginning today, a large rollout make come sooner than we initially thought. expand full story

Amazon Scout Stories January 23

If you are one of the 800,000 people that live in Snohomish County, Washington, you may soon see one of the first 6-wheeled Amazon delivery vehicles out for a stroll in your neighborhood. These cooler-sized package delivery devices are referred to as Scouts and to my eye, look very similar to one of Anki’s adorable robots.

Amazon Scouts are capable of self-navigating down sidewalks and delivering packages to the proper destinations while rolling at an average walking pace. Scouts do not appear have a ton of room inside, so do not expect to see them when ordering hefty or bulky items. expand full story

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