amiibo figures Stories May 27, 2015

This retro style amiibo display is going to give you flashbacks to the first Super Mario Bros.

amiibo fever isn’t dying down. Wave 4 preorders are sold out everywhere and people are losing their minds for the ultra cute Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo. By now most Nintendo fans have a fleet of amiibo, simply putting them on a shelf isn’t going to do them justice.

Your amiibo deserve this incredible Power A Display. It is made to look like the end of Super Mario Bros. levels. Designed in retro 8-bit style, this $30 display stand is over 15-inches tall and 18-inches wide.

If amiibo demand is any indication, this display will probably sell out quickly so you should probably preorder it now. According to Amazon it should be released on October 1.

amiibo figures Stories March 29, 2015


Anyone who knows me (or follows me), knows that I’ve got a bit of an amiibo problem. I started out just looking to get Donkey and Diddy Kong since they are my favorite Nintendo characters. Then I got sucked into the amiibo vortex. Now, amiibo figures are peppered throughout my office. Sure I love how each figure can unlock exclusive in-game content, but I’ve got to admit the real draw for me is just how cool they look.

Now’s the time to get into the action if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of the amiibo craze. Target is taking 25% off all in-stock amiibo figures online and in-store. Typically priced at $12.99 each, this sale drops the final price down to $9.74. REDcard holders will save an additional 5% and get free shipping on all orders. All other buyers will need to spend $25+ to sidestep shipping costs.


It’s no secret that Nintendo makes the best games for its consoles. The only problem is that they are rarely discounted. But right now Best Buy (matched at Amazon) has various Nintendo 3DS titles on sale. Gamers Club Unlocked members can save an additional 20% off the purchase price.

Standouts include:

We’re hearing some Target locations may have these titles marked all the way down to $14.99 (an amazing price) so it may be worth stopping by your local store.


Nintendo eShop sells downloadable current generation and virtual console (NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance) games, DLC, entertainment, and more. Just like Nintendo games, eShop gift cards rarely go on sale. Now’s the time to stock up while Best Buy is discounting $10, $20, $30, and $50 eShop gift cards by 10%. expand full story

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