This iPhone 6 case uses old fashioned power to keep your device alive

We’ve all been there with a dead iPhone. There are a lot of battery options out there, including some that are built right into a case. All of these solutions require previous charging prior to leaving your home.

Start-up company Ampware is attempting to change all that by borrowing an old solution for this problem.

Ampware launched its Indiegogo campaign today for the CrankCase, which puts a literal crank right on your iPhone so that you can manually provide power in case of a dead battery. This iPhone 6 case uses a patent pending design, which includes a pop-up hand crank, built-in USB sync/charging cable and a second USB port for charging other accessories. The crank also doubles as a kickstand, as well.

According to the Indiegogo product page, CrankCase will provide 40 minutes of talk time after one minute of hand-cranking. Ampware states that it also has an output of 500mA to any attached device.

The CrankCase is currently available for pledging with an early bird price of $49, with an estimated ship date of October.