AncestryDNA Stories December 2

expiredCyber Monday DNA kit deals from $49: AncestryDNA, 23andMe, canine breed, more

Today only, as part of its Cyber Monday Deals, AncestryDNA via Amazon is now offering its Genetic Ethnicity + Traits Test Kit for $49 shipped. Regularly $119, today’s offer is a new Amazon all-time low and the best price we can find. This is matching the direct holiday price and is $10 under the Black Friday offer on the basic AncestryDNA Ethnicity test. This kit tracks your origins from over 1,000 regions, finds living relatives you didn’t know you had, and more. However, this version also includes a “traits” report which allows you to “explore how your genes might have influenced a range of appearance, sensory, and other personal characteristics.” Rated 4+ stars from hundreds. Head below for the rest of the best Cyber Monday DNA test kit deals.

AncestryDNA Stories November 4

expiredDiscover your royal bloodline with AncestryDNA’s Test Kit, now $59 (Reg. $100)

Amazon is offering the AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test for $59 shipped. Regularly $100, this deal is now available direct as well and is matching the lowest price we have seen in 2019. This kit sheds light on your origins using data from over 1,000 regions as well as details on living relatives and “in-depth historical insights.” Much like other brands, AncestryDNA charges no additional fees to send samples to the lab and get your results. Rated 4+ stars from nearly 5,900 Amazon customers. More details below.

AncestryDNA Stories August 10

expiredLearn all about you with AncestryDNA kits from $59 (Reg. up to $119)

Amazon offers the AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity + Traits Test for $69 shipped. Regularly as much as $119, this is among the best prices we’ve ever seen for this kit. (The lowest it’s been was $59 during Black Friday 2018.) Not only learn where you came from, but also understand some of the traits that define you, from why you have a cleft chin to whether or not you’re predisposed to hate cilantro. Rated 4/5 stars. More below.

AncestryDNA Stories July 15

expiredAncestryDNA and 23andMe DNA kits up to $100 off for Prime Day, deals from $69

As part of its Prime Day 2019 deals, Woot via Amazon is offering the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic DNA Test for $99.99 shipped. This kit is regularly $200 direct and from Amazon. We have seen it down at around $150 a few times but today’s deal is one of the best prices we have ever tracked. Not only does it give you details on your ancestry but also health traits that have been carried through your lineage. The tests are conducted by “world-class scientists and medical experts.” This is an Amazon best-seller and carries a 4+ star rating from nearly 2,300 Amazon customers. More details below and DNA kit deals below from $69.

AncestryDNA Stories March 7

expiredResearch your rich family history with this AncestryDNA Testing Kit for $59 ($40 off)

AncestryDNA Official via Amazon offers its AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity Kit for $59 shipped. Regularly $99, this is tied with a mention from last month as the best price we’ve tracked. If you’ve always wondered who you really are, a test like this will be sure to give you clarity. Learn all about your family history with this kit, which can trace your roots back to more than 500 global regions. Over 4,000 Amazon shoppers have come together to rate it 3.8/5 stars.

AncestryDNA Stories February 13

expiredTrace your royal bloodline w/ the AncestryDNA Testing Kits from $59 shipped (Reg. up to $100)

AncestryDNA (96% positive feedback) via Amazon is offering its AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity for $59 shipped. Regularly up to $90 or so, this is within $4 of the Amazon all-time low and the current best price around. However, the AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity + Traits is also on sale right now for $69 down from the usual $100. Both deals are currently matched direct from AncestryDNA for today and tomorrow, which could very likely mean the Amazon offers will follow suit. This kit will “trace your roots back to 500+ global regions” and the traits option will allow you to “learn, compare, and share discoveries about 18 of your most interesting personal traits.” Rated 4+ stars from nearly 65% of the 4,600+ Amazon customers. More details below.

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