arduino Stories September 8, 2015

What better way to learn programming than with an Arduino-powered tank? 9to5Toys Specials is offering this experience with the Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit for $80 shipped.

Along with a custom Arduino, this pack provides everything you could possibly need for building your own robot. Led by easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll get the necessary tools and an assortment of components to construct either a tank or a three-wheeled car, with the mainframe of each made from sturdy aluminum.

In the process, you’ll pick up key knowledge of electronics, as well as how to program your vehicle. This includes allocating specific maneuvers to buttons on the supplied remote control. It makes for a fun way to spend the weekend, and a great introduction to programming.

The current deal wipes 46% off the standard price of the Makeblock kit, and you get free shipping to the Continental US.


arduino Stories May 27, 2015

Original arduinostarterbundle mf main

9to5Toys Specials is currently offering the Complete Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle for $76 with free shipping. It contains all you need to begin making your own inventive projects..

There are literally millions of things you can create with an Arduino, which is why it is a great way into electronics. This bundle actually puts an Arduino (Uno) in your hands, along with an entire kit for making circuits — breadboards, jumper wires, lights, buzzers, and plenty more. You get a good instruction booklet in with this gear, but to help you to move into more advanced Arduino-based projects, this bundle also comes with three courses. In no particular order, these show you how to self-build a RC car and set up various forms of environmental monitoring, while you can also learn about the Internet of Things (smart devices). It is a pretty comprehensive line-up for anyone wanting to get started with Arduino.

  • ARDX Arduino Starter Kit (incl. Arduino Uno + 13 circuits)
  • Arduino Step-by-Step ‘Your Guide to the Internet of Things’ Course
  • Arduino ‘Make a Remote-Controlled Car’ Course
  • Beginning Arduino ‘Make Your Own Environment Monitor System’ Course

Get 85% off the bundle here.

arduino Stories May 20, 2015


Arduboy is a credit-card sized gaming system equipped with an arcade of free 8-bit titles and all the usual controls you would expect from a portable console. While there are a number of free titles available from the Arduboy Arcade, the system is built-on Arduino software making it easy to build your own games (or learn how to) and share them with the community.

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arduino Stories December 22, 2014

Create 2-irobot-STEM-robot-01

Robotic technology company iRobot, most known for its Roomba vacuums, recently announced an expansion to its science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) outreach program. Along with a series of new learning resources, the company has now made its Create 2 robot platform available.

Based on the Roomba 600, the Create 2 is essentially a remanufactured, customizable Roomba robot that students, educators and hobbyists can use to get “firsthand robotic programming experience.” From sounds and behaviors to navigation tasks and more, users can tweak and re-program Create 2 to do any number of different tasks…

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