At home Stories June 1, 2016

It was bound to happen and now it has. SodaStream has introduced a new consumer beer creation system that can produce a homebrew in just a few seconds. The design and function are very similar to the company’s existing line of products. Dubbed the Beer Bar, this new appliance uses special concentrate to transform Sparkling Water into a beverage of choice. More below…

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At home Stories April 30, 2015

Coffee aficionados know the value of freshly and properly roasted beans. To many, the difference in taste and complexity between a Keurig machine and a freshly roasted and ground brew is undeniable. More complex and professional style coffee makers have come down in price and are now considered a mainstay for some.

While pour-over and siphon coffee are becoming more familiar experiences at home, roasting beans is typically left to the experts. One Kickstarter campaign is attempting to change all that, bringing all the capabilities of larger roasters to the kitchen with iOS connectivity¬†as the cherry on top… expand full story

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