Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked Stories February 12, 2015

expiredGet 20% off new video games for 2 years w/ Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked membership: $30 in-store (70% off)

Saving significant money on pre-ordered or just-released video games isn’t easy: retailers typically sell games at full retail for the first two months after release, shaving $5 off here or there. But what if you could save $12 every time you bought a new console game, and then get $10 of additional store credit for a preorder? Big savings like this are the key feature of Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked, which is currently offering two years of discounted games for only $30 (reg. $100). The promotion is in-store only and runs through February 28.

I had never signed up for something like this before, but I jumped on this deal when it popped up late last year. After only one month — with 23 months left of discounts — the savings had already eclipsed the cost of the card. Every new game purchase is 20% off, bringing $60 console titles down to $48 and $50 games down to $40. Then, using the My Best Buy rewards system, $10 pre-order bonuses for upcoming games including Batman: Arkham KnightHalo 5: Guardians, and Mortal Kombat X effectively chop their prices down further to $38 each. That’s crazy cheap pricing for AAA-caliber games.

9to5Toys tracks game deals every day, so I can say this with confidence: if you know you’re going to buy a game when it’s released, there will be no better deal on day one — and likely even after month one or two — than what you’ll save through Gamers Club Unlocked. There are other benefits, too; read on.

Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked Stories December 21, 2014

Best Buy offers its 2-year Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) Membership for $30 with free shipping. As a pricing comparison, it carries a list price of $99.99 and this is the best dollar off discount we’ve ever seen. Usually Best Buy will only discount the GCU as part of a bundle. It’s a perfect gift for the gamer who has everything now, but is going to want more games in the near future.

GCU membership gives you 20% off all video games for two years, so it will more than pay for itself after buying three new releases at the typical retail price of $60. It’s great for avid gamers who want day 1 games at day 30 or day 60 prices, guaranteeing that you’ll never pay full retail for any game for two years. GCU also accrues points that lead to further discounts over time.

Full benefits include:

  • Get 20% off new video game software (physical software purchases)
  • 10% bonus trade-in credit on video game software trade-ins
  • 10% off pre-owned video games
  • Get 2x points on new video game software, digital content, and game accessories
  • Get 2 points for every dollar when you trade in games

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