Bicycle Stories February 13

expiredGet a game of Rummy or Euchre started w/ two decks of Bicycle Playing Cards for $3 (50% off)

Amazon is offering the 2-Pack of Bicycle Poker Size Playing Cards for $3.29 Prime shipped. If you are not a Prime member, orders that exceed $25 will qualify for free shipping. That’s 50% off the going rate found at retailers like Target and is within 30 cents of the lowest price we have tracked. Shake up one of your evenings by grabbing a deck of cards instead of turning on the TV. In addition to playing cards with friends lately, I’ve also gotten out Smallworld and Near and Far. Doing this has been a much needed change of pace. Rated 4.6/5 stars.

Bicycle Stories December 20, 2018

expiredGet a game of poker going at Christmas with this 2-Pack of Bicycle Playing Cards: $3 (50% off)

Amazon offers the Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards 2-Pack for $3 shipped. Regularly $6, this is a new Amazon all-time low. Consider that Amazon is currently selling a single pack for close to $2.50 as an add-on item with orders of $25. (The 2-pack has no minimum purchase requirement.) Card games are a fun way to pass the time. Everyone has at least one they know well, but if you want to expand your repertoire you can go here to find your new favorite card game to play and share with friends. Rated 4.7/5 stars.

Bicycle Stories July 19, 2016


What’s new for the bicycle? We’ve already explored a variety of electric options that use old-school designs and fresh techniques. I guess it’s time to think ahead. The Cyclotron does just that. Aside from its futuristic name, it has next-gen looks, too. It recently hit Kickstarter with eyes on raising around $56,000. With just four days remaining, backers have committed over double that amount…

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Bicycle Stories October 22, 2015

The bicycle has seen plenty of evolution over the last 100 years. One of the biggest area of improvements has been the materials used to create a safer and lighter ride. However, the basic design has largely stayed the same. While there are many high-end options that provide different layouts, styles, etc, the majority of riders are still perched on a seat upon two wheels.

Even recumbents are becoming more common-place across the United States for cyclists looking for an alternative option. The prone-style has not picked up as much traction, however. Instead of sitting up or reclining, like the other two examples, this model lays riders out, chest down, across the length of the bicycle. It has its benefits too: more torque and improved aerodynamics.

That’s where Bird of Prey Bicycles comes in. After nearly 25 years of design and tweaking, its new prone bicycle is set to be released. With a unique design and big price tag, it’s turning heads across the cycling community.

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Bicycle Stories September 21, 2015

Instilling a creative imagination in a child is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Toys such as LEGO and K’NEX have created generations of ingenious minds that have created some of the coolest products later in life. A new Kickstarter campaign desires to bring that same level curiosity to a larger scale.

Infento is a project that delivers all the parts and tools for children to build their own bicycles, tricycles, snow gliders and more. The coolest part of the product is its ability to evolve over time as kids grow and have different needs. Best of all, it’s entirely put together by a simple hex key tool. Having raised nearly five times its goal, there is a clearly a lot of interest for this product to reach the market.

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Bicycle Stories August 28, 2015

If you’re an avid bike rider, there is no doubt that you’ve wondered how to bring smartphone integration into your daily commute or exercise routine. There are plenty of iPhone or Android bike mounts, like this one from iOttie, that will suffice but still require riders to focus in on a display that may be difficult to read while riding.

SmartHalo is a new project on Kickstarter that attaches a simple round display onto the handlebars of a bike. It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth so directions can be transmitted from the iOS or Android app. From there, SmartHalo provides turn-by-turn navigation, amongst other data, until you’ve arrived at the destination.

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