Blue’s World of Warcraft Yeti X USB mic fall to all-time low at $95 with quad-capsule array

Update 12/2 @ 6:56 AM: Best Buy has now dropped the Blue Yeti X USB Microphone World of Warcraft Edition to $94.99, marking a new all-time low that we’ve tracked.

Best Buy is offering the Blue Yet X Professional USB Condenser Microphone World of Warcraft Edition for $99.99 $94.99 shipped. For comparison, though it has a $200 list price, it normally goes for around $140 or so at Best Buy these days, and when in stock at Amazon you can pick it up for $100, though those opportunities are few and far between. The Blue Yeti X leverages the company’s VO!CE software and even includes Warcraft presets. This means that you can transform your audio to the sound of legendary World of Warcraft denizens. You’ll also score a unique design that showcases a Battle Grey finish, gold accents, and the official World of Warcraft logo. In addition, this is a professional-level microphone with four capsules and as many pickup patterns. Keep reading for more.