Bon Appétit Stories May 13

expiredGrab a year of Bon Appetit Magazine for just $4 w/ free delivery (Reg. $24) + more

DiscountMags is offering some great price drops in its Deals of the Week. One standout here is Bon Appetit Magazine for $4 per year with free delivery. No codes needed for these deals. This one regularly sells for upwards of $24 at Amazon and more like $15 per year from DiscountMags. Today’s deal is $1 below this past weekend’s offers and a great time to lock-in a year (or more). Head below for even more.

Bon Appétit Stories June 10, 2016

expiredGive Dad a gift that lasts all year long – magazine subs from $4: Wired, Bon Appetit, ESPN, Golf Digest, Men’s Fitness, many more

The DiscountMags Father’s Day sale is in full force from now through Sunday at midnight. We are seeing 1-year subs on just about all of the most popular titles down at our usual sale prices, so it’s a great time to renew subs or even give Dad the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

Bon Appétit Stories May 13, 2016

expiredMagazine subs from $5/yr: Wired, Dwell, Bon Appetit, GQ, Pop Science, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, more

DiscountMags has now kicked off its weekend sale with a number of notable deals. We are seeing titles like Wired, Dwell, Bon Appetit, GQ, Popular Science, Rolling Stone, Popular Photography and more listed at $5 each per year. That’s matching the usual exclusive pricing we see outside of multi-year/multi-mag bundles and once-a-year holiday specials. Many of which include digital access for iPad along with the traditional print subscription.

Bon Appétit Stories April 29, 2016

Magazine subs from $4.50/yr: Wired, GQ, ESPN, Dwell, Forbes, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, many more

DiscountMags has kicked off another notable magazine sale this weekend. This time around we are getting some nice discounts on two year subs to just about all of the most popular titles including Wired, Popular Science, Dwell, GQ, ESPN, Men’s Health and many more.

Bon Appétit Stories November 7, 2015

expiredOne year magazine subs from under $3: Maxim, Wired, GQ, ESPN, Rolling Stone, Dwell, Pop Science, many more

DiscountMags has kicked off an Employee Pricing weekend sale with a number of notable deals across many of the most popular magazines.

Titles like Wired, Dwell, ESPN, GQ, Rolling Stone, Golf Digest, Men’s Fitness, Popular Photography, Popular Science, Bon Appetit and many more are all available for below $5 per year ($4.60 – $4.85). While anytime these big name titles dip below $5 it is notable, this weekend’s sale also won’t lock you into to multiple years or multiple subscriptions. The are all the best prices we can find and within cents of the best we see them drop to. Many of which include digital access on iPad and more.

You’ll also find Architectural Digest with digital access for $5.32 per year, which rarely dips below $6, and even better, is the one year sub to Maxim for $2.89. Maxim doesn’t get much lower than this. Both ship free and are at the best prices we can find anywhere.

Outside of the sale, we also have a one year subscription to People Magazine (50 issues) for $49.99 with free shipping using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. At $1 an issue, this is more than half the price of the usual one year sub and the best we can find.

Keep in mind, you can opt to send these subs as gifts or not. Each subscription in your cart can be sent to a different address with the inclusion of a personalized gift note. Note: there is no sales tax, no delivery fees and DiscountMags will never auto-renew your subscriptions on you.

Bon Appétit Stories June 12, 2015

expiredMulti-year magazine subs from $3/yr: Wired, Maxim, GQ, ESPN, Dwell, Rolling Stone, Pop Science, Paper, more

The DiscountMags weekend sale is getting an early start once again, and it’s a good one. The sale features multi-year subscriptions to many of the most popular magazines including Rolling Stone, Wired, Architectural Digest, Dwell, Maxim, GQ and many more starting as low as $3 a year.

Wired is $9 for a 2-year sub ($4.50/yr.) w/ digital access, while GQ, Popular Science, Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit, Golf Digest, Popular Photography and more drop to $12.99 for a 3 year subscription (about $4.33/yr.). While we have seen these mags drop to $4 per year, it only happens in special bundle deals that lock you into 5 or more magazines. In this sale, prices are individual so you can get exactly what you want and are the best we can find.

Some other notables that very rarely drop down as low as in this weekend’s sale include Maxim for $11.99 on a 4 year sub ($3/yr.), Paper magazine for $16.99 on a 2 year sub and Architectural Digest for $10.99 on a 2 year sub ($5.50/yr.). All of which are $0.50 or more per year lower than our usual sale price and the best we can find.

You can choose to gift these subs to separate addresses with a custom note as well. Expect no sales tax, delivery charges or auto renewals. Note: digital access comes once the first print edition arrives. No codes needed for this weekend’s sale.

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