breathalyzer Stories May 8, 2015

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9to5Toys Specials currently has the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer for $40 after $3 coupon code: 9to5vio with free shipping. It fits in your pocket and keeps nights out safe. That’s less than Amazon even with their $5 coupon and tax in more states  – and the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. (ThinkGeek offers it for the same price but then tacks on tax and $6.95 for shipping).

There are many ways in which alcohol can affect your judgement, so it is best to get a second opinion on your sobriety before you try to drive home. This BACtrack breathalyzer is easily small enough to stay in your pocket all night, and when it is needed, it hooks up to your smartphone to analyze your breath. The Vio takes five seconds to calculate your blood alcohol level, and it is accurate to 0.00%. The results of the test are displayed via BACtrack’s app, and you can even play a game of “Guess your BAC” to see just how wrong you are.

  • Slip the compact BACtrack Vio into your pocket or use as a keychain
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly sync with the free BACtrack app
  • ZeroLine® Technology gets an accurate read on when your BAC will return to 0.00%
  • Sanitary flip-up mouthpiece keeps germs and impurities out
  • Advanced MicroCheck® Sensors to ensure accurate readings
  • “Guess your BAC” feature

Click here to grab the BACtrack Vio at 14% off the standard price.

breathalyzer Stories March 25, 2015

idrink-iphone-case-game-1 You can add a breathalyzer to your iPhone and it’ll report your BAC level, estimate when you’ll sober up, and even call a cab for you. But where’s the fun in that? The iDrink iPhone case is capable of similar feats, but its connected iOS driving game is where things get wild … expand full story

breathalyzer Stories October 15, 2014


Breathometer’s first smartphone breathalyzer was launched thanks to a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised $138,377 or 554% of its original goal. A little over a year later, Breathometer has introduced its latest breathalyzer, which it calls Breeze. It isn’t just a toy for college kids to see who can get more drunk, it’s a powerful tool that can help you drink responsibly… expand full story

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